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Flirtwith is an adult dating app for those who are looking for fun, flirty, and casual encounters. It is known for its flirty livestreaming feature where multiple people can watch for free.

Aside from the livestreaming, Flirtwith also has messaging features that allow members to communicate one on one. These features make it all seem that Flirtwith is one experience you shouldn't miss! But should you?

We took the time to check the site for you! Does it really work as expected? Or is it just like the many other sites that only look good on the outside, with nothing but crappy services on the inside? Read on as we check every nook and cranny of Flirtwith.

New members at Flirtwith in July 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Flirtwith are developing compared to others

Flirtwith Members

5,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
3,500 active weekly
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • Majority of the members belong to the mid-20s to mid-30s age range
  • There are more males than females
  • Majority of the members are from the United States
  • Females livestream more than males
  • Straight singles dominate the site

Flirtwith's membership is spread out across continents, but it has more members in the United States than any other countries. Following the population in the US is South Africa, Turkey, Luxembourg, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

It is worth noting that there are more males on the site, but majority of the livestreamers are single women. The males, on the other hand, are active viewers of livestreams and patrons of the chat feature.

Overall, the Flirtwith membership structure is diverse in culture as it is almost evenly spread throughout continents.

How to Sign Up for Flirtwith

flirtwith signup
  • You can use your Google account to signup
  • Registration is fast and easy
  • Email verification is not required
  • Members interested in the same sex may join
  • Majority of the registration steps can be skipped

Flirtwith may have one of the easiest registration processes out there as it can be done in just a single step, which is to signup using your Google account.

The site puts more emphasis on the livestreams and member interactions so it wants to have a simple registration process that can be accomplished as fast as possible.

Right after signing up, livestream windows will pop up onto your member home page and you can start watching them for free.

Having a simple registration process has its strengths, but its pitfalls include having profile pages that lack relevant details such as personality, background, etc.

Making Contact on Flirtwith

flirtwith contacting
  • Livestreaming is the highlight feature
  • There is a chat function
  • Sending private messages is a premium feature
  • You can send virtual gifts to livestreaming members
  • You can livestream your own webcam if you want

Getting in touch with other Flirtwith members will cost you some coins if you are serious in having a conversation with them. The messaging rule is that you can send as many messages as you like, but after they replied, you will have to shell in some coins to read and respond.

The livestreaming feature is the most popular go-to activity of the members. It is also what's keeping their membership coming as people are attracted to this feature. You can send and receive gifts from users if you livestream your webcam.

The site uses coins as currency for you to send messages, buy virtual gifts, and order real-life gifts for a member that you are interested in.

Flirtwith Profile Quality

flirtwith profile
  • Profiles are detailed
  • You can view photos for free
  • Viewing profile pages is free
  • There are some fake profiles
  • You may edit your profile information after registration

    It is surprising to note that, despite the lack of registration steps, most of the profile pages have enough information for you to know the personality of a person.

    Viewing the profile pages is free as well as browsing the albums. But you will have to shell out some bucks if you want to impress a person and send them a nice, virtual gift.

    Overall, the profile pages are a good addition to the services and features of Flirtwith as they serve as the gateway to getting to know each other a little better.

    Flirtwith App

    flirtwith app
    • Features are the same for both desktop and app version
    • Currently not available for iOS devices
    • The app is easy to use and navigate
    • The design is simple and clutter-free
    • Download the app for free

    Features are similar on the desktop and the app, but having the app is a handy way to use the site.

    You can watch the livestreams on the go if you have the app. However, it is only currently available for iOS users.

    Overall, the app is worth having and makes using the site so much easier.

    Flirtwith Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Watch livestream
    • Broadcast your own web camera
    • Customise your profile
    Premium Features
    • Send private messages
    • Send virtual gifts
    • Send real-life presents

    Is Flirtwith expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Flirtwith is average.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    300 Coins0.01 USD / Coin2.99 USD
    1,500 Coins0.01 USD / Coin9.99 USD
    20,000 Coins0.01 USD / Coin99.99 USD
    flirtwith cost
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card

    Coins act as the currency for you to use in sending messages, virtual gifts, and real-life presents. Your purchase will entitle you to have:

    • 10 free chats
    • 10 free email messages
    • free introduction messages

    Here's the price list of the real-life gifts that you can send at Flirtwith:

    • Flowers for 2,900 coins each
    • Fruit basket for 36,900 coins
    • Picnic basket for 39,900
    • Pleasure basket for 36,900
    • Tea basket for 55,500 coins
    • AirPods Pro for 179,900 coins
    • Apple Watch for 289,900 coins
    • iPhone 11 64GB for 469,900 coins

    Special Features

    Flirtwith's simple and easy to use features include the following:


    You can watch the live web cameras of other members. In turn, you may also broadcast your own camera if you want.

    Virtual Gifts

    You can send virtual gifts to livestreaming members. You can also send this as a private message. Virtual gifts vary from cute teddy bears to multi-coloured roses.

    Real-life Presents

    Send real-life gifts to your special someone! It will cost you some coins so Flirtwith can take care of the odering and delivery of your gift.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
    App: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    Flirtwith offers simple and straightforward features to its members. It allows them to interact freely with their innovative and modern offerings, especially with the livestream function. Some members even spend hours on end just to use this free function. Join the fun and hip community and sign up now at Flirtwith!

    Flirtwith FAQ


    What is Flirtwith app?

    Flirtwith is a dating app for singles looking for fun, flirty, and casual relationships. It has live stream feature that is popular among members.

    Is Flirtwith legit?

    Flirtwith is a registered dating app under the company Venta Solutions. They have been operating for years now.

    Is Flirtwith a scam?

    Flirtwith is a legitimate dating site operating globally. Its membership is diverse coming from different countries.

    Who owns Flirtwith?

    Flirtwith is operated by Singapore-based company Venta Solutions Ltd. They have been operating in different countries across continents.

    How can I contact Flirtwith?

    For any concerns, you may contact Flirtwith by phoning +1 (800) 314-2076. The operators are available 24/7.

    How do I contact Flirtwith live support?

    At the bottom of every screen, there is a tab that says "Live Support." Click on that tab and a live chat operator will be available to talk to you.


    How to delete Flirtwith account?

    Go to "Settings" by clicking the three bars beside your profile picture. Under "Manage Account," click the link to delete your account.

    How to set up a Flirtwith account?

    You may create an account by following the registration process on the desktop site, or through the app.

    How does Flirtwith work?

    Flirtwith works by allowing members to broadcast their web cameras live and connect like-minded individuals through a matching process.


    Is Flirtwith free?

    Flirtwith has a combination of free and paid features. However, a paid subscription is needed if you want to maximise its communication features.

    How much is Flirtwith app?

    You may download the app for free, but you can choose to buy coins to use for the features inside the site. You can download the app for free.


    Is Flirtwith fake?

    Flirtwith is a fully-functional dating site that is also available in an app. You can create an account and download the app for free.

    Is Flirtwith team fake?

    Flirtwith operates in several countries under the management of Singapore-based company Venta Solutions Ltd.

    Is Flirtwith safe?

    Like other dating sites, Flirtwith has its fair share of bogus users. Take proper caution and enjoy the features while staying safe.


    Does Flirtwith have an app?

    Flirthwith has a desktop and mobile browser responsive site and an app. You can download the app for free.

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