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There are 100's of dating sites and services in New Zealand - how do you know which site is for you? What sites are most suitable for longterm relationships? On what sites are the members looking for casual dating? Are you looking for something specific, like Christian dating? 

We've reviewed the sites and will save you time by recommending the best site for you. Just take our test. 

What kind of Dating Sites are out there?

With several thousand dating sites out there, it is quite easy to lose track. In Online Dating, knowing what you are looking for matters a lot, as the sites and apps are mostly targeted towards specific needs. So you have to ask yourself: "What or whom do I want to find on a dating site?"

  •  Are you looking for a serious relationship and the partner for life? Then you should check out Matchmakers. Here you'll find people with the same mindset who are also looking for longlasting connections.
  • Erotic adventures without commitment? Casual Dating is rising in popularity, also among women.
  • People looking for a same-sex partner may also find him or her on these sites, but there are also services specifically created for Lesbian Women and Gay Men.
  • Are you looking for a christian partner? Check out dating sites for Christian Singles?