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Known for a myriad of dating sites catering to various niche audiences, Together Networks Holdings Limited is back with a platform for casual online daters. Loveaholics is for love-addicted single men and women on the lookout for flirtation or casual arrangements online.
Since it hails from the same company, Loveaholics looks and functions the same way with its plentiful sister sites such as Flirt and WantUBad.
And like its sister sites, Loveaholics is also targeted by numerous reports stating that there are bogus accounts and suspicious activities abound the dating platform.
To get to the bottom of things, we took the liberty to experience Loveaholics. Read on as we share with you the various functions and costs of this casual dating site.

New members at Loveaholics in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Loveaholics are developing compared to others

Loveaholics Members

25,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
4,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • Records over 1.9 million monthly visitors globally
  • Top visitors are mostly from Japan, Poland, and Spain
  • Most users are 25-34 years old
  • Users are mostly males
  • Most members browse the site using their mobile phones

A website that encourages its members to flirt and engage in casual arrangements; it’s not a surprise that most of the users at Loveaholics are aged 25 to 44 years old. For the gents, this age range is believed to be the time when their libido is at its peak. For the ladies, although some may be looking for commitment, the thought of an exciting sexual life is enticing.

This dating site caters to a very global population with top visitors coming from Japan and European countries, Poland and Spain. It also has quite a following in English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Apart from straight relationships, members who prefer the same sex are welcome at Loveaholics. Member-wise, it’s safe to say that this dating platform delivers when it says it is the home of all types of love-addicted singles.


Loveaholics Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Loveaholics

Loveaholics Sign Up
  • Must be at least 18 years old to sign up
  • 2-3 minutes sign up process
  • Sexual preference, age, email address, and location are asked upon registration
  • Email verification is required
  • Facebook registration is not offered

Your flirting game begins with a single form at Loveaholics. 

The registration form is composed of five fields that you’ll need to fill out accurately. For starters, select your orientation and preference out of the four options, namely, a man looking for a woman, woman looking for a man, man looking for a man, or woman looking for a woman. 

Then, you will need to input your age. Members need not be younger than 18 and those who are as old as 78 can join in on the fun.

Next, you will need to key in your preferred email address and nominated password. Your location, which will be used to generate suggested matches living nearby, will be geotagged. If the reflected address is incorrect, you may manually input it for accurate results.

Click the “Join Now” button and wait for an activation email. Activating your email is required; otherwise, it won't be possible to take a peek at Loveaholics.

To activate your account, click on the activation link button or copy and paste the four-digit code. Once you are done, you can begin flirting and online dating at Loveaholics.

Making Contact on Loveaholics

Loveaholics Chat
  • Sending messages is a premium feature
  • Browse members one-by-one through the Like Gallery
  • Send out “winks” for free
  • Add members to your Favourites list for free

In terms of communication functions, Loveaholics may not offer much, but it covered the basics quite well. In this dating site, you’ll have to entirely rely on your charm and wit through the chat feature.

Other than directly messaging a potential hot date, there are three more functions you can explore at Loveaholics. Even better, all these three are free whenever and wherever you feel like flirting.

  • Winks

How can winks be so subtle yet oh so flirty? At Loveaholics, sending a wink is a sure-fire sign that you got your eyes on someone’s profile.

Also, the immediate notification they will receive is a bonus. They may wink right back at you, or even initiate a conversation to get the flirting train running.

  • Like Gallery

Here’s a little game when you feel like you have too many profiles to look at all at once: the Like Gallery.

This function will let you see a member’s primary photo one-by-one. If you like what you’re seeing, press the heart button. If they liked you back, you'd immediately become matches at Loveaholics.

  • Favourites

In the same way that we keep a log of the things or events that are near and dear, Loveaholics also allows you to save a profile as your Favourite for easy backtracking. That way, there won’t be any more instances of forgotten usernames and lost chances in the future.

  • Chat

The heart of Loveaholics, every flirtation, and interaction will ultimately happen via Chat. Given that accusations of fake accounts plague Loveaholics, the Chat being a paid function is probably the website’s move to prohibit scammers and other malicious accounts from freely messaging members.

Despite this measure, there were still suspicious activities abound Loveaholics. For starters, minutes after verifying our account, we received a surge of notifications informing us that members were very interested in our profiles. They were liking, sending us winks, sending us messages, and adding us to their Favorites list.

This popularity would have been well appreciated if it were not for our bare account. Without a photo, nor additional details other than our name, age, and location, what could have they found interesting?

Loveaholics Profile Quality

Loveaholics Profile
  • Reports claim that there are plenty of bogus accounts
  • Photos are regulated by the moderators
  • Easy to supply and edit information for later
  • Upgrade to view full-sized photos

    The good thing about Loveaholics is that you can browse a member's profile even with a standard account. Access to the photo gallery and what the member is looking for at Loveaholics, are the only things that will require an upgrade.

    As a free member, you can see the following details:

    • Basic Information

    At the topmost of the profile, the member’s primary photo, along with the username, age, and location, will be included. This portion will also include contacting buttons and options to block or report a profile.

    • Personal Information and Gallery

    To at least get an idea of what a member is like, their sexual orientation, hair colour, ethnic origin, and body type plus the photo Gallery will be in this section. The Photo Gallery, as stated, won’t be accessible if you are a free member.

    • Preference and Location

    You can see a member’s location for free, but what they’re looking for while dating at Loveaholics will require a subscription.

    • Additional Information

    Information on the member’s physique, hobbies, vices, and professional life will be included here, so you get more of a solid impression of what the member is like in person.

    Profiles at Loveaholics are not even that packed, but the ones we encountered weren’t filled out save for the necessary details (username, location, age, and orientation) and a primary photo. Some were a bit extra and added several more pictures, but then again, we can’t access it using a free account.

    This aroused our suspicions, but we considered how the customisation process happens. Uploading a primary photo down to adding more details is not mandatory and is very easy to skip. This may be a solid reason why Loveaholics members don’t even bother completing their profiles—instead, they’d get down to business.

    Loveaholics App

    Loveaholics Mobile
    • No mobile app
    • Website can be accessed through mobile browsers
    • Mobile version uses the same colours as the desktop
    • All functionalities can be found on the mobile version
    • Easy to navigate

    During our research, we noticed that the majority prefer browsing Loveaholics through their mobile phones. This may be because the website claims to offer an app—at least for members who are using Android smartphones. 

    We tried to download the app, but it seems like it’s not functional at all. When we’ve already reinstalled to no avail, we decided to accept that the dating site does not offer a mobile app at all. 

    Loveaholics may not have a free-to-download app, but the web design is mobile-friendly. Access it via your mobile browser and the same credentials you used for the web version.

    The colour scheme remains the same, and all the functionalities of Loveaholics can be accessed in the mobile version quite easily. The mobile version is also nicely separated by tabs marked by appropriate icons. The transition from desktop or laptop to mobile, bigger to smaller screens, won’t be much of a difficulty even for users who are admittedly not as tech-savvy. 

    Loveaholics Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Registration and profile creation
    • Basic search
    • Viewing a member’s complete page
    • Sending winks
    • Adding members to favourites
    • Browse members through the Like Gallery
    Premium Features
    • Full access to “Looking For” information
    • Utilise the extended search
    • Viewing full-sized photos
    • Share photos and videos in chat
    • Enjoy unlimited chats
    • Premium Customer Support

    Is Loveaholics expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Loveaholics is average.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    1 Month41.40 USD / Month41.40 USD
    3 Months23.10 USD / Month69.30 USD
    6 Months18.60 USD / Month111.60 USD
    Loveaholics Cost US NZ SG HK
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    Payment discretion
    • Your payment will be shown on your card statement as romnsp.com18778567967.

    There’s not much communication function at Loveaholics, so if you want to score quality hot dates, you’re left with no option but to chat one. Since the Chat is only accessible for paying members, you might want to consider signing up for a paid membership.

    At Loveaholics, there are two different subscriptions according to gender. The females are offered three subscription types, which can be availed via pay-per-day. The different types are:

    • Chataholic: With this subscription, you can be famous by topping the search rankings and being promoted as the hot member.
    • Extra Security: As the name suggests, this option is for the online dater who wants to enjoy while staying secure. This will include features like HTTPS encryption, incognito browsing, and auto history cleaning.
    • Premium Dater: This option gives you the best of both worlds: enjoy your popularity while staying safe online.

    Unlike the ladies, the males are asked to be more committed as their packages are billed monthly. Males can choose a package covering 1, 3, or 6 months. Any of these deals will let them enjoy life as a premium dater as they get to access everything the dating platform has to offer.

    Since a monthly deal is quite a commitment, males may opt to take a peek with an affordable 3-Day Trial at Loveaholics.

    To cancel subscriptions at Loveaholics, members only need to visit the “My Settings” tab. They can check “Your Billing History” then click “Deactivate Subscription.”

    Special Features

    Several noteworthy features make your Loveaholics experience worthwhile:


    Because you can never let a suave pick-up line or opening statement get to waste, Loveaholics allows you to send one en masse. The audience list will still defer to your preference, so you know that the men or women who received your flirty line are on the same wavelength as you.

    Safe Mode

    Apart from the limited usability for standard users, Loveaholics also included a Safe Mode function so users can proactively safeguard their accounts.

    The “Basic Mode” prohibits suspicious accounts from contacting you. For extra measure, the “Full Mode” will only allow verified members to chat with you.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Receiving no prospects even after signing up for premium is never a pleasant experience. That is why Loveaholics allows you to take your search to another sister platform. Who knows, maybe your match is waiting at another Together Networks site.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5
    App: 2.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    Loveaholics' claim-to-fame is that it is a dating site teeming with single men and women looking for casual and hot dates. Boasting a young population and no muss no fuss functions, Loveaholics seems headed in the right direction. However, multiple reports and our experience will show that there are indeed some suspicious activities. Still, with options to verify your account and safeguard it, the experience may not be all that bad. For naughty dates and quick interactions, Loveaholics may be for you. See for yourself and sign up now!

    Loveaholics FAQ

    Free Features

    Can I use Loveaholics for free?

    You can sign up and customise your Loveaholics profile, as well as enjoy basic interactions with other members (browse profile, send a wink, add to favourites). However, some functions won’t be accessible to a free user. For starters, you won’t be able to converse with another member.


    Is Loveaholics legit?

    Yes, this globally-operating website is legit.

    Who owns Loveaholics?

    The website is operated by Together Networks Holdings Limited, a company based in the British Virgin Islands.

    How do I cancel repeat billing at Loveaholics?

    To cancel your repeat billing, make sure you are logged in first. Visit “My Settings” and click the “Deactivate Subscription” link to start the process.


    How do I verify my Loveaholics account?

    You will need to call Loveaholics in order to verify your account.

    Is it possible to change my Loveaholics password? How?

    Yes, you may change your password. Head to “My Settings” and look for the “Change Your Password” link. Make sure you still remember your old password as you will need to key it in first before you can nominate a new one.

    How do I remove my Loveaholics account?

    Please note that removing your Loveaholics account will delete all your messages and the profiles included in your Favourites list. If you’ve already made up your mind, log in to the web version and go to “My Settings.” Select “Remove Account” and follow the succeeding instructions.

    How do I opt-out from Loveaholics notifications?

    Go to “My Settings” and scroll down to the “Notifications.” Deselect all the notifications and alerts you don’t want to receive.

    How do I upload a photo at Loveaholics?

    To upload photos, visit "My Profile" and select the "+" symbol to start adding to your gallery.

    Why did Loveaholics reject my photo?

    Loveholics regulate photos and yours may have any of the following, thus the rejection:

    • Group photos (shots of you with anyone else: friends, relatives, children, etc.).
    • Photos that are not yours (photos of your girlfriend/boyfriend or any one of the opposite sex if you are registered as single).
    • Photos containing personal information (including web links, IM numbers, email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses, etc.).
    • Photos containing images of weapons, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.
    • Photos containing illegal/inappropriate material (e.g. offensive gestures, violence or death). 
    • Photos of children or celebrities.
    • Professional photos of models or photoshopped photos.
    • Photos with no people/photos of nature/animals/drawings or graphics.


    What details should I prepare if I want to request a refund from Loveaholics?

    You will need to email the following details to Loveaholics so they can immediately and thoroughly review your request:
    1) Your name; 
    2) Date/sum of transaction;
    3) First six and last four digits of the card that was charged; 
    4) Name of the website; 
    5) Registered email address; 
    6) Reason for your refund request


    Why are they prompting me to verify my Loveaholics account?

    The prompt may be because a member reported your profile as suspicious. Immediately verify it with a Loveaholics representative to avoid account suspension.

    How do I report a suspicious profile at Loveaholics?

    If you noticed that a profile acts suspicious, visit their page and click the three vertical dots at the upper left of their profile. Hit “Report” and follow additional steps to accomplish your report.

    How can I block another Loveaholics member?

    As with reporting, visit their page first. Click the three vertical dots and select “Block.”


    Why was my payment at Loveaholics declined?

    If it’s not a case of insufficient funds, contact Loveaholics immediately. A representative will help you sort things out and make sure you’ll be upgraded right after the call ends.

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