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Very Bad
  • Patr*** 58 years

    It's easy to access and use.It's the same people on there for years and years, players. No one seems serious.

  • L****** 50 years

    Not muchTo many overseas scammers

  • Ti***** 65 years

    If people take the time to actually do it, the profiles can be quite comprehensive and informative.The site can be quite glitchy, especially off you... r phone. Have encountered about 3 scams, and the Findsomeone administration has contacted me about it. Site ‘crashes’ for long lengths of time «»

  • Jo***** 75 years

    It's not complicated. Most participants are genuine.It's easy to cancel or opt out.They had a major malfunction a couple of weeks ago and NO commun... ication with members for days. They don't take down members who have been inactive for months.Photos are well vetted but not dated. Some are 10 years old or more. «»

  • Ri***** 60 years

    What I like about FS. That is a good question. Thinking about it there is not really much that I do like about it.There are a lot of fake profiles. I... find it hard to believe that there are so many people with nothing better to do than waste time writing garbage to people they never intended meeting. I got to the stage where I was asking people to post a photo of themselves with something showing the current date and locality to prove they actually existed. «»

  • Chr**** 58 years

    Not a lot. Privacy protection is goodWebsite is SLOW, SLOW, slow and crashes daily. Almost impossible to sign onto most days. Basically they take you... r money and run a half-speed service! «»

  • Ne***** 60 years

    In-depth profiles, active message board. Major problems. Has been virtually inaccessible for over a week. No announcements or response from them abou... t the problems. Message board full of frustrated members saying farewell. A complete joke and a poor reflection on trademe. Closing my account. «»

  • Rebe*** 48 years

    Some aspects of it are free such as photos. You can upload 5 free photos.Majority of males are divorced, have kids and/or ex partner's, or they are o... ut of jail and are generally uneducated anx uncultured. They don't dress properly and lack basic manners that women are expecting from a man. «»

  • An***** 42 years

    no customers service at all, no contact phone, no emails reply, terminated paid membership after 2 days of purchase without explanation ( haven't comm... unicated with anybody yet, just browsing) is it a money fraud?no customers service at all, terminated paid membership without explanation, is it a money fraud?no reply, trademe's find someone website has cancelled my paid membership within 3 days Should go to the court to solve this problem, you can't treat people/your customers unfairly or fraudulently, breach consumer guarantee act, fair trading breach, simply breaching the law by not providing service that consumer paid for! Dear Sir/Madam, please kindly let me know why the system says that my profile disabled, have been a paid gold member on the findsomeone just for few days. Haven't communicated on the website yet, just browsing, so what the problem with my account, is it discrimination by your staff members who just delete people they didn't like or envy beautiful profiles ?! I didn't do anything wrong? Please kindly explain. Now has problem log in, system says that account has been disabled?! According to the consumer guarantee act does you provide any consumer protection? please kindly solve the problem with my paid subscription, thank you! you don't have customer support phone number, and didn't reply to my email. money fraud??no service for paid membership, breach fair trading act, breach consumer act, no service guarantee «»

  • Kirs*** 56 years

    Not a very high turnover of people,many without a profile filled in properly or even a photo. I reckon some parts of the profile should be compulsory,... and a photo should be as well. There are people who are gold only members. Honestly, it's time there was a free site - I don't mind the odd advertisement if the site is free. «»

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