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Amateur Community brings together proud live show models and their enthusiastic audience. With over 20 million members, this cam site is one of the biggest worldwide. 

Not only does it let you view adult content, Amateur Community’s claim to fame is that you can meet and get to know the models. With detailed profiles and multiple features geared towards interaction, be a spectator, avid fan, or an acquaintance with the amateurs.

Still, to see is to believe. So we took the time to review every nook and cranny of Amateur Community. Is it worth trying? Read on to find out.

New members at AmateurCommunity in May 2022 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at AmateurCommunity are developing compared to others

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AmateurCommunity Member Structure

10,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
2,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
20 %
80 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Over 6.9 million monthly visits worldwide
  • Most of the amateur models have verified accounts
  • Male users outnumber the females
  • Most users are 25 years old and above

Amateur Community records over 6.9 million monthly visits and a rather astounding 2.9 million monthly new visitors globally.

At this website, there are two types of members: the content creators called the amateurs and the consumer who we refer to as the standard users.

It’s interesting to note that the standard accounts dominate the Amateur Community. Males aged 25 and above are the most active users. This age range is said to be the peak of their sexual cravings; thus, men joining an adult site such as Amateur Community is rather expected.

If you’re looking for true love or even quick hook-ups, Amateur Community may not be the site for you. If it’s satisfying your craving for a virtual sexual experience, then this cam site may be worth trying.


AmateurCommunity Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at AmateurCommunity

Amateur Community Sign Up
  • Must be at least 18 years old to sign up
  • 2-4 minutes registration process
  • Email verification is required
  • Facebook registration is not offered
  • Get 100 VIP points upon sign up

For the audience who wants nothing more but access to cam shows, Amateur Community may be godsent with its quick and easy signup process.

To register, make sure you are 18 years old. Key in your username, password, email address, and gender then hit the “Signup now!” button.

A pop-up will direct you to confirm your registration. You can proceed with the email verification or correct it if you entered the wrong address. Once done, you can immediately take a look at Amateur Community.

What’s probably a good thing, apart from the almost effortless registration process, is the 100 VIP point bonus that will automatically be credited to your account. The accumulated VIP points can be exchanged for coins that you can use to interact with models at Amateur Community.

Making Contact on AmateurCommunity

Amateur Community Messaging
  • Access to direct messages is a premium feature
  • Standard accounts can send friend requests
  • Cost of interactions may vary
  • Invite members with a dating label to meetups

Amateur Community has several functions you can use to interact with live show models: 

  • Send a Virtual Gift

Virtual Gifts are fun trinkets you can send to amateurs if you’d like a little creativity.

Similar to emojis, choose a virtual gift from an array of topics that may be sexual (Sex Toys, BDSM, or Seduce Me) or romantic (Breakfast and Wellness “gifts”). 

The cheapest amounts to 12 coins while the most expensive Virtual Gift can cost you 550 coins.

  • Become Friends

Who says Amateur Community is all about business? You can network and add models as your friends if you’d like. What’s probably the best part is that this function is absolutely free.

  • Add to Favourites

We may forget the screen names of models whose content we’ve viewed. To make sure this doesn’t happen, add amateur models to your Favourites list. Standard accounts may be delighted to hear that doing this is free.

  • Leave Comments

Show your appreciation by leaving a comment to an amateur’s video or picture gallery. For free accounts, note that you can only post your thoughts after purchasing some coins.

  • Kiss Me

This function is available if an amateur model is online and open to dating. Hit Kiss Me to start a wordless flirtation. The member will immediately receive your virtual smooches and may even contact you shortly.

  • AC Messenger

If you’re done playing sly games, then send a message to the apple of your eye with AC Messenger. 

Sending a text isn’t the only thing you can do through the Amateur Community’s messaging function:


If you liked interacting with the model, you can pin their profile. That way, they’re constantly on your AC Messenger list for easier access.

Send a gift

You can also send virtual gifts through the AC Messenger. Click the “Send a Gift” link and browse through the categories.

Send attachment

Got videos or photos to share? Make sure you upload those media files to your profile first. Amateur Community allows you to upload up to 10 files so curate wisely. Once done, you can link any of them to your messages.

Add to favourite

You may get in contact with interesting members via the AC Messenger function. You may pin them, or even add them to your Favourites list so you can review their details and uploaded content anytime.

Send sexicons and smileys

Show your creative side by sending sexicons or smileys! Smileys may be free, but sending the flirtier Sexicons will cost you some coins.

What’s rather unique at Amateur Community is that you don’t get to be just a spectator. A lot of its functions are geared towards making a connection between an amateur model and an audience member. 

These interactions make amateurs much more human—you can approach or get to know them if you wish.

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AmateurCommunity Profile Quality

Amateur Community Profile
  • View complete profiles for free
  • Detailed member profiles
  • Easy to supply and edit information
  • Purchase coins to view photos and videos
  • Add members to your Favourite list for free

    Unlike the usual cam site with minimal details, it is possible to get to know the models of Amateur Community with their rather detailed profiles.

    An amateur’s page will have the following tabs:

    • Profile

    An amateur’s best photo (or photos) will welcome you to the profile tab. Below it is a list of details such as their screen name, location, age, language, and description. 

    In an effort to reduce fake profiles, Amateur Community introduced a profile verification system in the form of the “Checked” badge.

    The model’s profile will sport this badge if they submitted a photo of them holding out a piece of paper displaying the cam site’s complete name. You can also view their verification photo by clicking the badge.

    The first tab will include details of the amateur’s personal information such as their height and weight, physique, ethnicity, and status (marital and parental). 

    Aside from the basics, the Profile will also showcase their sexual preferences and kinks. If you’d like to establish a deeper connection, read the “More About Me” section. 

    In it, amateurs provide an essay-type answer to describe themselves and their sexual fantasies.

    • Contact Options

    Right next to an amateur’s photo or slideshow banner, the contact options are neatly displayed for your convenience.

    Skim through the member’s profile and decide if you’d like to:

    1. Write a message
    2. Send a virtual gift
    3. Add the member to your favourite’s list
    4. Send them a friend request

    You can also find the “Buy Coins” button here should you need more points to send the model a message or virtual gift. 

    • Videos & Pics

    The next tab is pretty self-explanatory: it will display all the media files an amateur uploaded for your perusal. Models may upload photos or videos; whichever it is, you’ll be required to spend some coins to view it.

    • Friends

    In this section, an amateur’s friend list will be on display. Since you get to see their following, this list can help boost a model’s popularity and credibility.

    • Virtual Gifts

    All the virtual gifts (and the username of their givers) an amateur received will be listed here.

    • My Intimate Diary

    Stay up-to-date with a model’s Intimate Diary. Read entries or view their specially curated galleries in the “My Intimate Diary” tab.

    At Amateur Community, models are generous when it comes to giving details. Since standard accounts can view profiles completely, review to your heart’s content before deciding to spend more of your coins to that particular model.

    AmateurCommunity App

    Amateur Community Mobile View
    • No mobile app available
    • Has a mobile-friendly website instead
    • Mobile version looks neater than the desktop
    • Most of the users access the site through their smartphones
    • You can sign up to several devices simultaneously

    Most of Amateur Community’s users, models and consumers alike, seem to prefer browsing the website via mobile. This is rather interesting as Amateur Community does not have an app.

    Instead, it offers a mobile-friendly website that seems neater and more organised than its desktop counterpart.

    The mobile version retained the colour palette and functionalities available on desktop; it left behind the somewhat outdated look of the website.

    Although the desktop version is also visual-heavy, viewing Amateur Community on mobile helps you focus on one function at a time. The tabs are limited to three: Contacts, LiveCams, and Movies. 

    Navigating the mobile site is easy and you can even dedicate your attention to one model instead of getting overwhelmed by the plentiful desktop view.

    In summary, the mobile version may be the same, functionality-wise, but it gives you a simpler and much more pleasant browsing experience. 

    AmateurCommunity Real Life Review

    “I prefer cam shows over scripted adult movies and that’s what brought me to Amateur Community. It didn’t disappoint as you get all the adult content you want. Just when I thought it’s nothing more but a porn site, I came across their communication functions. Chatting and the possibility of meeting an amateur model seems pretty exciting to me so I decided to purchase coins. I’m shooting my shot here.”- Josh, 28

    Design and Usability

    Amateur Community on a desktop is full of erotic imagery. It may be quite overwhelming, but the good thing is that one click of a picture leads you elsewhere—a model’s profile or a video perhaps.

    With members aged 25 and older, getting around and about with a click is advantageous. A user who may not be as advanced won’t find navigating the website a burden.

    The colours grey and red dominate Amateur Community; bands of green, orange, blue, and violet decorate the site.

    Located at the topmost portion is the menu header. From the leftmost are the main tabs: Home, Amateurs, Cams, Dates, Search, Videos, Pictures, My Account, and Buy Coins.

    Aside from a somewhat cramped view, the website also looks a bit outdated. The silver lining is that it evokes nostalgia and the familiar layout is user-friendly for most, if not all, ages.

    AmateurCommunity Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Registration
    • Profile creation
    • Upload up to 10 photos and videos
    • Add members to your Favourites list
    • Read an amateur model’s Intimate Diary entries
    • Review an amateur’s detailed profile
    • Test now for free
    Fee-Based Services
    • Send messages to amateur models
    • View full-sized photos and full-length videos
    • Watch or peep at cam shows
    • Purchase photo or video content
    • Send virtual gifts to models
    • Enjoy private cam shows

    Is AmateurCommunity expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers AmateurCommunity is average.
    Test now for free

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Prices are in Euro
    50 Coins0.10 EUR / Coin5.00 EUR
    100 Coins0.10 EUR / Coin10.00 EUR
    250 Coins0.10 EUR / Coin25.00 EUR
    500 Coins0.10 EUR / Coin50.00 EUR
    1,000 Coins0.10 EUR / Coin100.00 EUR
    Amateur Community Cost
    Payment Options
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card
    • Paysafecard
    Payment discretion
    • Billing will appear as "Amateur Community" on your credit card statement.

    Since Amateur Community is technically not a dating website, it doesn’t offer monthly subscriptions. Instead, it uses “Coins"; you have to pay in coins to avail of the functions mostly related to interacting with the models.

    At Amateur Community, there’s no fixed pricing. Think of yourself as a shopper; choose the service or item that you want, click it, and see the price tag. 

    What's good about it is that the Amateur Community does not deduct automatically. They will send you a prompt so you can confirm or cancel your purchase.

    Since there are no monthly subscriptions, the website does not offer any cancelation method. If Amateur Community does not fit the bill anymore, then consume any remaining coins and log out.

    Special Features

    Amateur Community has several special features to make sure you can do more than view erotic photos and videos:

    Amateur Model’s Profile

    Probably an advantage over porn or similar websites is the detailed profiles at Amateur Community. 

    Browsing a model’s page allows you to form an idea of what they’re like; you can build rapport and even strike a friendship with a model here.

    VIP Points

    VIP Points are the bonuses you receive while at Amateur Community. To receive points, there are daily achievements, examples would be confirming your email or completing your profile. 

    VIP Points are like incentives; the more time you spend on-site the more points you will receive.

    What’s nice about collecting VIP Points is that you can exchange them later for coins, the currency at Amateur Community. Save a minimum of 1,000 VIP Points to get 100 coins.


    As mentioned, you won’t be just a spectator at Amateur Community. You can get in touch with the models and even arrange a meetup. 

    Visit the Livedates tab and you’ll see all the amateur models who are open to the possibility of hanging out. You’ll know who: a member’s photo will have the “Dating” label.

    AC Messenger

    Amateur Community’s AC Messenger is a rather comprehensive tool. Interaction is not only limited to text, but you also get to send media files, flirt with virtual gifts, or add models to your favourites list.

    Live Sex Cams

    Get in touch with a model while watching their live show in the chatroom. Since you’re most likely a part of an audience (unless you paid for a private session), you can also meet other members.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
    Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
    App: 2.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 3.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    With a large user count and several unique features, Amateur Community is a promising website that will help you fulfil your virtual cravings. Like others, it has several issues: the website’s outdated and the movements of standard members are limited. Still, the plentiful features coupled with its pocket-friendly offers make Amateur Community a site worth trying. If viewing live cams is your thing, sign up now!
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    AmateurCommunity FAQ


    Is Amateur Community legit?

    Yes, Amateur Community is a legit cam site. Although it’s the biggest in Germany, the website’s reach expanded to include countries outside of Europe.

    Is Amateur Community available worldwide?

    The website is mostly available worldwide. Amateur Community will only be banned in countries where virtual sexual services are not allowed. 

    Free Services

    Is Amateur Community free?

    Registration and profile creation at the Amateur Community is free. You can browse the website freely, but interacting with models may be limited if you don’t purchase Coins.

    Can I send messages to Amateur Community members for free?

    No, you can’t send messages to Amateur Community models for free. You’ll need at least 9 Coins to start a conversation via AC Messenger.


    Are there hidden costs at Amateur Community?

    No, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs on Amateur Community. Before accessing a paid function, you’ll receive a prompt to confirm or cancel your purchase. 

    Does Amateur Community offer a monthly subscription?

    Unlike other websites, Amateur Community does not offer monthly packages. Services can be unlocked using coins so make sure to stock up if you want to fully enjoy the website.

    Is it possible to receive a refund following my withdrawal from Amateur Community?

    Since Amateur Community does not offer subscriptions, refunds are not offered. You’ll be advised to use up your coins if you’re no longer interested in the website.

    Does Amateur Community offer freebies?

    Yes, Amateur Community does offer a bonus in the form of VIP Points. Members are encouraged to do more on-site. 

    For every accomplishment, a corresponding number of VIP points will be credited to your account. Collect as many as you can until you are able to exchange these points for coins.

    You also get free coins when you purchase 250, 500, or 1,000 coins.


    I forgot my password, what can I do?

    Below the registration area, click the link “I forgot my password” and follow the instructions. To access your account, Amateur Community will send you a new password via email.

    Can I change my personal data at Amateur Community?

    If you wish to change your personal data, visit the “My Account” tab then go to “My Personal Info.” You can edit your username, email, password, and other basic information.

    Which software do I need to watch videos at Amateur Community?

    Media can be played with the standard Flashplayer or media player installed on your computer.

    What happens to a call when I’m in a live cam show?

    The show will only end if you accept the call. If you don’t, it will continue to play in the background. For SMS, an incoming message does not interrupt a Live Cam show at all.

    Can I report a member of the Amateur Community?

    If you wish to report a model, you may email Amateur Community.

    How can I get in contact with an amateur?

    You can use the AC Messenger function or click the “Write a message” button to get in touch with a model at Amateur Community. Of course, make sure you have enough coins to send a text or any of the attachments.

    Do I get commercial or spam emails to my personal email account?

    No, you won’t receive spam emails. Amateur Community values your privacy and it won’t divulge your contact details to third parties. If you consented to receive the official newsletter, that’s the only time you will be emailed by the website’s team.

    Can I send my private contact information in chat?

    Sending your private information such as contact numbers and email addresses via chat is not allowed. Amateur Community may even take this as a ground for your expulsion from the website.

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