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Senior Sizzle joins the list of online dating sites catering to mature, experienced lovers looking for a partner. Its orientation is a bit spicier than your regular senior dating site; unlike the average over 50 dating sites, Senior Sizzle claims to provide you with the companionship you need as well as the intimacy you crave.

It is an affiliate of the Friendfinder Networks, a company that deals with adult entertainment, dating sites, and social networking services. Popular sites from the FriendFinder Networks include AdultFriendFinder and

It promises to connect you with other sexually adventurous seniors like you. Their aim is to add some passion to senior's golden years which is reflected in the erotic features they have on the site which they have become known for. These features range from group chat rooms to getting more personal on two-way webcams.

Do you want to know if this site lives up to its promises? We took a closer look at Senior Sizzle for you! Read on below to find out detailed information about the site.

New members at Senior Sizzle in November 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Senior Sizzle are developing compared to others

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Senior Sizzle Member Structure

3,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
2,500 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • In order to register you need to fill out a personality test
  • Majority of the members are senior men
  • There are members who belong in the younger age range
  • There are some fake profiles
  • Heterosexual people dominate the population, but there are also a few lesbians and gays

Since it is a senior dating site, majority of the members come from the 45 and up age range. However, members from the younger age is notably high despite this. Being of legal age at 18-years-old is the only age limitation that the site has so younger people can still dip their feet into Senior Sizzle's fun community.

Although most of its members hail from the United States, it has memberships from all over the world if you are up for an international community. The site does not limit where to accept members from; the only rule is that you need to disclose your location.

There are a few couples and groups on the site, but most members are senior, straight singles. Those who identify themselves as coming from the LGBTQ+ community may join, but there are only a few of them on the site.

Overall, Senior Sizzle's membership structure is a diverse one culturally, and well-spread across age ranges with seniors dominating the site.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Senior Sizzle

Senior Sizzle Signup
  • Registration is fast and easy
  • Create an account as a single, couple, or group
  • Email verification is required
  • You can skip most of the registration questionnaire
  • LGBTQ+ members can join the site

Signing up for Senior Sizzle is a straightforward process. 

First, it's going to ask you about your gender. If you are creating the account for your individual self, you have the following gender choices: Man, Woman, Transsexual, Transgender, or Transvestite.

On the other hand, if you are creating the account as a couple, you are going to have the following options: Couple (man/woman), Couple (2 women), and Couple (2 men).

Aside from the couple option, you can create an account for a "group" if you consist of more than two people. The site does not limit the sexual possibilities, and you can go as creative as you can with other like-minded people on the site.

As for the partner you seek, you can choose as many as you like and the gender options are similar to the ones you get when creating the account for yourself.

Email Verification

For added security layers, Senior Sizzle requires you to activate your account using the activation link sent to the email address you used during registration. All you have to do is to log in to your email and click on the link sent to you by the site. Unless you do this, you won't be able to get in on the site and start using its features.

More required information is your birthday, location, and your desired username and address. You are then required to write an introduction about yourself, then you can skip the rest of the steps.

Making Contact on Senior Sizzle

SeniorSizzle Contact
  • Has a lot of unique contacting features
  • You need a paid subscription to send a message
  • Live webcams are available
  • Public chat rooms are available
  • There are female "models" on the site

There are plentiful ways to contact other members, but some are complaining that most of them are available only to premium members.

Sending messages and other features will require you to get a premium subscription, so we have gathered the following SeniorSizzle hacks on how you can spend your time and probably still have a great time as a free member:

  • The member Activity Feed

This feature keeps it hot 24/7 by delivering the top photos, videos, and broadcasts right to your homepage. You may post a comment or click Like on the top trending action from the sexiest members.

  • Watch Live Member Webcams

Watch real people go all the way on Live Member Webcams for free. Standard members can view one show at a time, but there is always someone getting it on. Keep an eye out for "Hot Broadcasts" in your activity feed if you like to watch.

In turn, you can also broadcast your own live webcam. Other members can see your broadcasts so you will have a chance to gain more followers here if popularity is up your alley.

  • Live Model Chat

Interact with SeniorSizzle models using the Live Model Chat feature. You can watch them for free. Additional actions such as directing them to do naughty stuff are possible by using tokens available at different prices from 4.49 NZD to 14.98 NZD.

SeniorSizzle has professional Live Model members who host live adult video chats and post X-rated photos and videos on their profile. They have "Fan Clubs" which you have to join to have full access to their profiles.

  • Comment, Like, and Vote on the web's sexiest Contests

From the best food porn to the classic wet t-shirt contest, this is the place to send the hottest submissions. You're free to view, comment, like, or vote for your favourite photos. Anyone can enter and win!

Buzzmode feature

Buzzmode is an interactive feature that allows viewers to vibrate a broadcaster’s wearable sex toy by clicking on their video stream. Each click earns the broadcaster points.

You'll need to use a toy that is triggered by sound. Compatible toys include Club Vibe 2.oh by OhMiBod, Lush by Lovense, and Siri 2 by LELO.

Broadcasters who have the Buzzmode feature turned on will have a purple icon next to their broadcast badge. A notification is displayed on the Viewer when the broadcaster is in Buzzmode.

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Senior Sizzle Profile Quality

SeniorSizzle Profile
  • Viewing a profile is a premium feature
  • Viewing a model's profile page is available for free
  • You can change your profile information after registration
  • Profile pages are filled with photos and videos
  • The profiles are quite detailed

Viewing profile pages is a premium feature in Senior Sizzle, but getting inside is worth it as it is packed with erotic photos and videos.

The straightforward registration process called for straightforward details on the profile page; it contains essentials-only detail such as the partner or relationship sought, profile text introduction, and the basic name, and age.

The profile page has five tabs that sort out content:

  • Profile - where all the basic information are listed;
  • Photos and Albums - where all your photos are curated;
  • Videos - where your videos and recorded broadcasts are placed;
  • Questions & Answers - where another member can post questions about you that you may answer if you want; and,
  • My Blog - where you can write your thoughts. You can use this as a great way to find out more about other members and to tell them more about yourself.

Senior Sizzle Real Life Review

It was a riot when I joined Senior Sizzle. I didn't know which feature to try first because it was just massive! There are pretty ladies on the site, and a lot of mature women too. They are more active on group chat rooms, chatting. Young girls on camera are okay, but I wish there are more senior women who would be doing the broadcasts. That would make it better.

- Todd, 58, Business Owner

Design and Usability

The site's design is simple, but its strength lies in the many features available on the site. It may not be a modern website. Overall, the design is just perfect for all ages and even the non-techy ones can navigate through its basic layout. Its functions are simple and easy to use. It also has more unique features than the regular dating site available.

Senior Sizzle Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Join Groups
  • Use the search functions
  • Watch live models
  • Watch live member webcam
  • Test now for free
Fee-Based Services
  • Send a message
  • View profiles
  • Join a model's fanclub
  • Send virtual gifts

Is Senior Sizzle expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Senior Sizzle is average.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Plan
1 Month44.85 NZD / Month44.85 NZD
3 Months29.88 NZD / Month89.63 NZD
6 Months44.78 NZD / Month268.68 NZD
Enhance Your Plan With Standard Contacts
Let Standard members contact you for free
1 Month29.88 NZD / Month29.88 NZD
3 Months17.90 NZD / Month53.69 NZD
Senior Sizzle Prices NZ
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque

Your Gold Plan gets you unlimited access to all members. But, free members can’t contact you. Selecting "Enhance Your Plan With Standard Contacts" on top of your Gold Plan will allow free members to see your full profile, message and chat with you anytime. You can get this for an additional fee of NZD29.88 for a month and NZD53.69 for 3 months.

Aside from the premium subscription, you can buy other features as a free member on SeniorSizzle. This is actually a great idea as it allows members to buy only the feature that they want instead of getting everything in bulk for a monthly subscription:

Tokens will allow you to:

  • Direct models in Private & Tipping shows
  • Physically connect with Buzzmode & Connexion sex toys
  • See the hottest adult stars exclusively on Senior Sizzle
  • Autoload refills your wallet automatically when your balance is low

Get tokens for:

  • 4.49 NZD for 200 tokens
  • 8.99 NZD for 500 tokens
  • 14.98 NZD for 1000 tokens

Joining a model's fanclub will get you the chance to be a top fan. Getting this add-on feature will let you:

  • Watch all of a model's recorded shows for free
  • Get private and nude discounts up to 70% off
  • Immediate access to exclusive fan club videos, diaries, and nude photos
  • Get special attention and interaction in the model's live chat room

Join a fanclub for:

  • 22.39 NZD for 1 month
  • 49.20 NZD for 3 months

Special Features

SeniorSizzle has a lot of unique features on the site, all aiming to give you an erotic experience:

Top Fan

In addition to adding a member to your Hotlist, you can further spend points to become a member’s Top Fan. As a Top Fan, you get to show up in your favourite member’s profile, Top Fan list, and notifications with a special badge and highlight. 


Find Contests on the top navigation bar, under the "Contests" tab. This will take you to the Contests homepage. On the homepage, you'll find sections for current and upcoming contests, latest winners, previous contests, and general contest rules.

Live Model Chat

You can just sit back watch a free (non-nude) chat or join a nude chat. You can even get really intimate with private one-on-one sessions with your favourite models.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 4.5 / 5
Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
Many people are delighted to use Senior Sizzle because of its massive choices of different features. You will never run out of things to do on the site. There are more interactive features here than your regular senior dating site. However, it is quite noticeable that senior women are not very active in using live webcam features. They are more inclined to use traditional chat rooms and personal messaging functions. Despite this, the site is lives up to its promise of bringing passion to a senior's golden years. For these reasons, it may be worth giving the site a try.
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Senior Sizzle FAQ


What should I do if my profile is pending?

SeniorSizzle places a limit on messaging for your security. If you received an error message that you have reached your email limit for the day, you can send an email to the Customer Service Department. 

Where do I find recommendations?

Recommendations can be found on the lower, left-hand side of member profiles. Recommendations are based on the detail you put in your profile.

How are recommendations created?

Recommendations are based on shared interactions like winks, messages, and hotlisting. You will most likely get matched with someone who has more similarities with you.

Why does it say "Rate This Photo" at the bottom of some photos on Senior Sizzle?

Some members want you to let them know what you think of their photos. Click on one of the ratings next to the picture. Every time someone rates the photo, it affects the average score.

How do I turn on or off my photo ratings on Senior Sizzle?

If you want to turn on or off voting on your own photos, click "Add/Edit Photos" on your home page, then click on the photo you wish to update. You'll be able to turn voting on or off for that photo.


Why do I need to contact customer service to reset my email limit?

Senior Sizzle places a limit on messaging for your security. If you received an error message that you have reached your email limit for the day, you can send an email to the Customer Service Department. 

Are profiles censored? Is there any limit to what I can put in my Senior Sizzle profile?

All member profiles must be reviewed and approved when they are originally created as well as when they are modified. Member profiles must abide by the Terms of Use.

How long does it take to have my profile photos approved?

Profiles and photos are all subject to the approval process of Senior Sizzle and may take anywhere between 24 to 72 hours to review. 

What could get my photo denied by Senior Sizzle?

Your photo may have been denied for one of the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate imagery
  • Included children in the photo
  • Included animals in the photo
  • The photo had more than one person in the photo (for non-couple or non-group accounts only)
  • Photoshopped or doctored photos
  • Included cartoons or anime
  • Copyrighted images


What alternative payment options are available on Senior Sizzle?

If you would like to purchase a premium membership and credit card payment is not an option for you you can send a check or money order to Various, Inc. The check or money order should be payable to Various, Inc. and must be in US dollars. Keep a receipt of your payment for future reference. Here is the address:

Various, Inc.
Attn: Billing Dept.
910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor,
Campbell, CA 95008

How do I turn off the auto-renew feature of Senior Sizzle?

If you do not wish to automatically renew your Premium subscription, highlight, or private chatroom: Click the "Billing History & Credit Card Info" link in the Account section. At the top of the page, you will see product status. To turn off your auto-renew, click "OFF" under product status.

What shows on my bill when I upgrade on Senior Sizzle?

If the order was placed prior to March 1, 2009, your bill may show a charge from FriendFinder, FRNDFNDR, FRIENDFIND, friendfndrwd, Ipay-Friendfinder, or Any order placed after that date will be discreetly billed as*FRIENDF.

My Senior Sizzle billing statement says "EPOCH.COM," what should I do?

If your statement contains EPOCH.COM *FRIENDFIND, contact Epoch Billing Support at their website, or call toll-free (U.S. and Canada only) at 800-893-8871 or international at +1 310-664-5810.

Where can I view my "Billing History"?

When you click Billing History & Credit Card Info on your My Account page, you'll see all active features and billing information for which you are currently paying.

Why was my credit card denied by Senior Sizzle?

There are many reasons why an order comes back denied by your financial institution. Most common are:

  • Insufficient funds available (tax is not added to the listed price)
  • Your card has expired
  • Your billing address does not match the card statement.
  • The CVV or CVV2 number incorrect or incomplete

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