Dating For Seniors Review July 2024

Find love in your silver years at Dating For Seniors! The site where you can find committed relationships or casual dates with a supportive silver-haired community.

30,000 Members
 40 % ♀ 
 60 % ♂ 
Good For:
3 / 5
3 / 5
2 / 5
Success Rate:
30 / 10
38 / 10
33 / 10
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Age Distribution:

Dating For Seniors in 10 seconds

  • Perfect dating site for 50-plus seniors looking to fall in love again
  • RapidMatch feature matches by location for higher chances of meetups
  • Straightforward communication features such as "not interested" buttons to save time
  • No app is available at the moment
  • There are younger singles on the site. Know more about its membership here
  • Neat and organized profile page gives at-a-glance preview of a member's background and personality
  • Premium subscription is available in easy-to-understand scheme of 1-month and 3-month duration
  • Reliable security features that detect fake users as early as sign-up stage
  • You can use Dating For Seniors for free Test now for free
  • Pricing starts at US$13.32 / Month - More Information Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
With full features and a crystal-clear target audience and goal, Dating For Seniors seems to be a reliable website for silver singles looking to find a second shot at love. It’s never too late to sign up now!

Who is Dating For Seniors for and not for?

  • Over-50 singles looking for serious relationships
  • Those who want to fall in love believing age is just a number
  • Senior singles interested in finding friendships and profound connections
  • Youngsters who are interested in erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • Senior singles who are into casual flirting
  • Those who are not interested in dating 50-plus singles
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Dating For Seniors Pros & Cons

  • Tight security to weed out fake profiles and scammers
  • Straightforward features that are easy to understand
  • Easy-to-navigate site perfect for senior members
  • There is no app available
  • Users outside the US report being blocked mistakenly, so they had to recover their accounts
  • Activity is not as great as bigger sites since it's a smaller community

How does Dating For Seniors work?

How it Works
  • Send flirts to up to 30 members for free
  • Add interesting members and save searches
  • Swipe matchmaking available
  • Offers affordable membership packages
  • Find like-minded senior singles seeking lasting relationships

Dating For Seniors is specifically made for singles who are above 40 years old. It offers the same contacting feature as most regular dating sites; however, Dating For Seniors offers it free to use by anyone—still, of course, with a few limitations. Private messaging, for instance, is restricted to standard members, but if a premium member initiates a chat, they can reply. Sending flirts is also free but is only allowed for up to 30 members. There are many things to do in Dating For Seniors, so try it out!

How much does Dating For Seniors cost?

Can you try Dating For Seniors for free?

Is Dating For Seniors expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Dating For Seniors is low-priced.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Full Membership
1 Month29.95 USD / Month29.95 USD
3 Months13.32 USD / Month39.95 USD
Free Features
  • Registration
  • Profile creation
  • Upload photos
  • Search singles in your area
  • Receive IMs from nearby singles
  • Send up to 30 Flirts
  • Test now for free
Premium Features
  • Send messages
  • Receive messages
  • Initiate IM conversations
  • Full access to the chat room
  • Full access to the Forum
  • Invisible Mode

Getting around Dating For Seniors on a free account is fine, but you’ll only be getting half the fun. If you’re in it for a connection, consider subscribing to a paid membership. A word on subscriptions: one beef we had with the website is that it was hard to see their pricelist.

Unlike other dating sites that feature their cost upfront, you’ll only know how much you’re going to pay once you’re actually on the verge of paying for a subscription.

The website offers monthly deals covering one and three months. If you feel like it’s too soon to commit, Dating For Seniors also provides an affordable 3-Day Trial: at USD2.95 (roughly USD0.98 a day), explore the website without limits to help you decide if you should avail the monthly subscriptions.

An auto-renewal function will ensure that you will enjoy the website’s functionalities without pause as it renews your subscription right before its expiry. If you wish to cancel your paid membership, head out to the Help/FAQ section of the website. 

Once there, scroll down to the Membership and Billing section and click the “How do I cancel my paid membership?” question. Select the “Cancel My Paid Membership” link and follow the additional instructions to complete cancelation.

All subscriptions are billed in USD.

How can I delete my Dating For Seniors account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is signed up on Dating For Seniors?

30,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
50,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • Records over 300,000 monthly new visitors globally
  • Top visitors are mostly from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Users are mostly males
  • Most users are 55 years old and above
  • The majority prefers accessing the website via desktop

At Dating For Seniors, the ratio between men and women seems balanced, with the males making up 60% of the entire population. 

Since its a senior dating site, the majority of the members are already in their mid-50s and up. Some members may be younger, 34, and below, but overall, the website is an active community for silver singles looking to find friendship, dates, or another shot at love.

Top visitors of the senior dating website come from English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The site also has several members from European countries like Germany, Sweden, and Ireland.

Since most of the members are already seniors, it’s not a surprise that they were once married, divorced, or widowed. Most of them are also parents or even grandparents; what you have here are empty-nesters who are looking for companionship and romantic love.

Lastly, Dating For Seniors also welcomes lesbian or gay members; the community is all for finding love no matter their age and preference.


Dating For Seniors Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+
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How to Sign Up for Dating For Seniors

Dating For Seniors Registration
  • 10-15 minute registration
  • Difficult sign-up process
  • Required to customize profile right after registration
  • Receive matches right after signing up
  • Facebook registration is offered and is an easier option

Signing up at Dating For Seniors is quite challenging. We found ourselves repeatedly trying to complete the registration form. 

To save your head from the imminent frustration-induced hair pulling, here are a few pointers that may be of help to potential members:

  • Use letters and simple characters or punctuation for your nominated username and password. The website won't accept any other fancy stylizations.
  • Consider using your Facebook account to register. For some reason, signing up using your email may lead to a frustrating cycle of clicking the "Create Account" button and then getting redirected to the homepage prompting you to sign up again. It takes quite some time before you can finally register, and using your Facebook account will help you do away with this time-consuming cycle.

Signing up using the form will require you to input your email address, nominated username and password, and birthdate. You will also need to choose which of the two options is your orientation and preference. Your location is geotagged, but you can correct it if it’s inaccurate. 

If you choose to go for Facebook registration, click the "Log in with Facebook" button. You will be asked to key in your Facebook email address and password. Take care to limit the dating site’s access to your account so you are still secured.

After a successful sign-up, you’ll be asked to customize your profile immediately. You will provide details on your physique, marital and parental status, personality and views, hobbies, and ideal type. 

Building your profile can be time-consuming. Although this portion is skippable, we encourage you to do it in one go; the moderators routinely verify accounts. Your incomplete profile may be closed immediately, leaving you no choice but to sign up again. 

The challenging registration may deter potential scammers or frauds from signing up, but this may also discourage the target demographic from registering. Given that the older population is not as tech-savvy, finding a way to successfully sign up may get them eventually fed up with the dating site.

Making Contact on Dating For Seniors

Dating For Seniors Rapid Match
  • Standard members can respond to Instant Messaging (IM) requests
  • Full access to the chat room is for paying members only
  • Save interesting searches
  • Send Flirts
  • Messages are free to send to users who have a premium subscription

Even with a standard account, getting around at Dating For Seniors is fine. Users without a membership can only send messages to members with a paid membership. However, if you’d like some serious connections, it’s better to pay for an upgrade. Most of the communication features this dating site offers to require you to be a subscriber.

  • Flirt

Start a wordless flirtation by sending any member a Flirt. Standard users may send up to 30 Flirts; after the 30th, the member will be prompted to upgrade.

  • Add to Favorites

Add all the singles who caught your eye to your Favorites list in this free feature. That way, you won’t miss anyone because you forgot their username after browsing.

  • Rapid Match

Rapid Match is Dating For Seniors' version of the swipe feature. This lets you view one member at a time so you can scrutinize their features thoroughly. This function is available for all users.

  • Instant Messaging (IM)

Having a conversation is the easiest way to connect with another person. Do this by contacting members already online via the Instant Messaging function. Standard members can only respond to IM requests.

  • Email

What happens if the member’s offline or not available via IM? Let them know how you feel by sending them an email. Note that sending and responding to one will need a subscription.

  • Chat Rooms

Get in touch with several members when you join a chat room. Upgrading to a premium account grants you access to the chat rooms on the website.

At Dating For Seniors, the spark happens when you interact with words. If it’s a real connection you are after, it might be better if you consider getting an upgrade.

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Dating For Seniors Profile Quality

Dating For Seniors Profile
  • Profiles are regulated and checked by the moderators
  • Easy to supply and edit information
  • View full-sized photos for free
  • The profiles are not very detailed
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

After signing up, a complete profile will be the next thing that Dating For Seniors will require. Since the website asks quite a lot of details, the members’ profiles are one of the most detailed we’ve seen among senior dating sites.

For starters, a member’s profile information is split into eight sections. Since browsing a member’s complete profile is for free, reading all eight can already help you form a solid impression of your potential date’s personality, status, and hobbies.

The first section is a thumbnail and shortcut of some sort. It will bear your username and primary photo. Right below the picture will be contacting buttons: “Message,” “Flirt,” and “Ask If H/She’s Interested” links so you can block or report the member will also be in this section.

To the right of the thumbnail will be the member’s age, location, and preference. Necessary information such as the language they speak, zodiac sign, and description will be in this section as well as the space to compose a quick message for the member.

The rest of the member’s profile will include:

  • Appearance and Situation

This section will consist of your answers on questions regarding your physique, marital and parental status, body art, pets, and plans for relocation.

  • Status

Answers regarding your professional life and living situation will be featured here. This section will also include your smoking and drinking habits, if applicable.

  • Personality

This portion will detail how you are as a person so potential matches can gauge if you’ll fit each other. You’ll be asked to pick adjectives to describe how you were in high school, your social behavior, interests, and hobbies, your idea of a great time, and your friends’ description of you.

  • Views

Your religion, political opinion, and your type of humor will be featured in the ‘Views’ section.

  • Taste

One of the most natural connections to make is when you both share a favorite show, movie, or music. In the Taste section, define your favorite television, movies, and music genres. This section can also be a good source for icebreakers.

  • Looking For

Detail your preference by sharing the qualities you prefer in a partner. The relationship or commitment level you are also looking for can be shared here.

The very detailed profiles at Dating For Seniors may be a tad tedious to build, but it can help you match with a like-minded member. 

Dating For Seniors App

Dating For Seniors Mobile
  • No mobile app available
  • The website can be accessed through mobile browsers
  • All desktop features present in the mobile version
  • Easy to navigate

Our in-depth review showed that most of the users of Dating For Seniors access the website via their desktop computers. Given that the majority are seniors, their preference may be a reflection of their technological capabilities. They may find a desktop computer much more comfortable to navigate than a smartphone.

Still, for the tech-savvy singles, Dating For Seniors also offers a mobile-responsive website. Since most of their users are on desktops, it’s understandable that the colors and functions are all the same for both gadgets. That way, navigating the website on either of the two platforms won’t be as confusing for the senior singles.

Overall, Dating For Senior’s lack of a mobile app is not a cause for concern. Its users are mostly on desktops, and it offers a pretty solid alternative to on-the-go members, which is the mobile-friendly website design.

Special Features

Take a look at some of Dating For Seniors most notable features:

Invisible Mode

With this paid function, you get to enjoy anonymous browsing at all times.

Senior Chat Rooms

If its connections you're looking for, join chat rooms. With this function, it's easy to get in touch with several members at once as you bond over shared interests and experiences.

Senior Forums

Another way to mingle with the senior community is through the forums. Ask questions, respond to questions, or generally become the supportive member others can interact with in several forum boards.

How can I delete my Dating For Seniors account and cancel my subscription?

How can you cancel your Subscription?

  • You can cancel by sending an email
  • You can cancel with customer support

Will your subscription automatically renew?

  • Yes, your Dating For Seniors subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 7 Days.

Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

  • Usually you will not get back the full amount, it will be reduced by the time or credits you used for Dating For Seniors.
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Dating For Seniors FAQ

Free Features

What does a free Dating For Seniors membership give me?

You will be able to register and create your profile, as well as explore your options with a free account.

Is Dating For Seniors a free site?

You can sign up for free, but the functions related to contacting and interaction with other members will require you to upgrade to a paid subscription.


Is Dating For Seniors legit?

Yes, Dating For Seniors is a legit website for seniors looking to find love.

What is the average age of users on Dating For Seniors?

The average age of Dating For Seniors users is between 44-48 years. You can find more information here


How do I modify my gender if it is incorrect in my Dating For Seniors profile?

If you erroneously selected your gender, head over the Help/FAQ section and click, “How do I modify my gender if it is incorrect in my profile?” A link to start modifying your gender will be available in the corresponding answer.

How do I change my Dating For Seniors password?

Log in and go to “Settings.” From there, click on the “Login Information” link to change your password and even your email.

Why was something in my Dating For Seniors profile rejected?

You may have done any of the following, thus the rejection:

  • You used offensive or abusive language
  • You didn't fill out the field properly
  • You included an email address, phone number or home address 

How can I change my personal information at Dating For Seniors?

Click "Modify your personal info" in the "Edit info" area of your toolbar; he toolbar is on the left side of your screen. Hit the “Save Settings” button after you’re done updating.

I forgot my Dating For Seniors password, how can I get it back?

Try inputting whichever password you can remember. If it’s incorrect, a prompt will appear, and it will also include a link so you can retrieve your password.

I just signed in. How come I can't read my emails at Dating For Seniors?

Access to your inbox is a function reserved for paying members only. 


Where can I view my billing history at Dating For Seniors?

Log in to your account and visit the “Settings.” Click the “Account Settings” link to view your billing history.

How do I cancel my paid membership at Dating For Seniors?

To cancel your paid membership, head to the Help/FAQ section of the website. Go to the “Membership and Billing” Section and choose the question, “How do I cancel my paid membership?” A link to start the cancelation will be included in the answer; click it, and follow the succeeding steps.

How come I was billed twice by Dating For Seniors for this month?

It’s most likely that your 3-Day Trial ended; Dating For Seniors automatically renews your subscription, but it will be for one month this time. If this is not the case, contact Dating For Seniors for assistance.


How can I report inappropriate behavior in the Dating For Seniors chat room?

If a user is violating the chat room rules, please do not hesitate and click on their username. Click on the “Option” button, then select “Report User.” Please enter the information in the complaint box and click “OK” to immediately notify the Dating For Seniors support team.

How can I block someone from messaging me in the Dating For Seniors chat room?

Click on their username then select the “Ignore” button.

How do I block a Dating For Seniors user from emailing me?

Visit the member's profile and select "Block Him" or "Block Her" from your searches. Afterward, they will no longer be able to email you.

Does Dating For Seniors sell your data?

No, Dating For Seniors does not sell your data.

Was Dating For Seniors hacked in the past?

No, Dating For Seniors was never hacked.

How accurately does Dating For Seniors track your location?

Dating For Seniors tracks your approximate location.

Do your Dating For Seniors profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

No, your Dating For Seniors photos and personal information will not appear in Google Search Results.

Who can view your pictures on Dating For Seniors?

All Dating For Seniors users can view your pictures.

Is your phone number required for signing up at Dating For Seniors?

No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on Dating For Seniors.

Can you erase your personal data on Dating For Seniors?

Yes, Dating For Seniors provides an option for users to erase their data.

How can I delete my Dating For Seniors account and cancel my subscription?


Can you try Dating For Seniors for free?

How much does Dating For Seniors cost?

Dating For Seniors typically costs between 29.95 USD and 39.95 USD. Compared to other dating services, Dating For Seniors's membership costs is low-priced. You can find more information here

How much does it cost to sign up on Dating For Seniors?

You can sign up for Dating For Seniors and use its basic features for free. To use Dating For Seniors's premium features you must upgrade. You can find more information here

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Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
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App: 1.0 / 5

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