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Another Interdate S.A. offering along with C-Date, NewHoney is a dating site for the young, wild, and free singles and couples looking for some no-strings-attached sex. 

If the goal sounds familiar, that is because NewHoney is not technically new: it used to go by the name Lisa18.

Now, with a new name, logo, and website design to match, NewHoney aims to deliver its promise to a bigger audience worldwide. But does it?

We took the time to review this rebranded dating site to see for ourselves. Is it the right place for flirts and carnal satisfaction or nothing more but a sticky honeytrap? Read on to find out!

NewHoney Member Structure

28,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
1,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Records over 180,000 monthly new members worldwide
  • Over 570,000 global monthly visits
  • Male users outnumber the females
  • Most users are 25 years old and above
  • Couples can sign up together

No-strings-attached sex seems the most appealing for males aged 25 years old and above. This is rather expected: men are most active at this age range.

Women are also open to the set-up as they make up a solid 40% of the total population. Free membership for females may also be the reason for this number.

With the promise of carnal fulfillment, the dating website amassed a steadily growing population from its days as Lisa18 and now as NewHoney. Every month, it claims to record over 180,000 new members worldwide.

At NewHoney, couples are also encouraged to join in the fun by meeting swingers. This allows you to bring more sexual fun to the relationship.

For the rainbow community, however, gender and sexual orientation are not as diverse. The least you could do is declare if you’re looking for another man or woman upon registration.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at NewHoney

NewHoney Registration
  • Must be at least 18 years old to sign up
  • 5-10 minutes registration process
  • Receive 10 contact proposals upon signing up
  • Email verification is required
  • No Facebook registration offered

Back when it was Lisa18, registration was made interesting with a picture quiz. In it, new members selected the visual—and not safe for work!—representation of their answers to the questions. 

At NewHoney now, you can sign up wherever and whenever as the erotic imagery is gone. In its place is a rather detailed quiz which will ask about you and the sexual experience you’re looking for. 

Here’s the deal: you can’t skip any of the 18 questions. Although it may take a while, it saves you time as you get to build your profile and preference in one go. 

The first six questions will ask what you are (male or female), your relationship (single, attached, married, divorced, or in an open relationship), and what you’re looking for at NewHoney (men or women). 

It will then ask your birth date, nickname, and location with the latter being used for matching purposes.

Profile-building is the aim of the next seven questions. You will be asked to supply your answers to the following: 

  • Height 
  • Body type (slim, average, athletic, a few pounds more, or full-figured) 
  • Hair colour (blonde, brunette, red, white, black, or bald) 
  • Hair length (short, medium length, or long) 
  • Eye colour (blue, brown, black, green, or grey) 
  • Three character traits that best describe you 
  • Three things you love the most about your body. 

For the next three questions, you get to define what you are looking for. NewHoney will use your answers to match you with members who are on the same page as you.

Choose the type of relationship you can commit to (short affair, longer affair, erotic chat or flirts, sensual relationship, or whatever excites you) then supply the characteristics of your ideal sexual match. 

Lastly, NewHoney will ask for your history on one-night stands: is it a routine or not? All that’s left is for you to supply your email address and preferred password. NewHoney will then send an email confirmation. Click the link to finish signing up.  

Making Contact on NewHoney

NewHoney Match Proposals
  • Contact proposals are based on the site's matchmaking algorithm
  • Does not offer an open search feature
  • Women have full access to all features
  • Edit preferences to get accurate matches
  • Paying members receive unlimited contact proposals

Its women clientele may be delighted to know that NewHoney is still 100% free—from profile creation to actual interaction with members. 

For the gents, don’t fret. NewHoney offers what is probably a generous set-up: the auto-premium. 

For a few days, you get full access to all of the dating site’s features. This trial allows you to get in touch with the ladies and can be the deciding factor if you’ll want to upgrade to a paid subscription.

A premium subscriber, regardless of gender, will enjoy the following features:

  • Contact Proposal

Unlike other dating websites, NewHoney does not give any of its users the liberty to search for a potential match. 

Instead, they give you contact proposals: members they identified using their special algorithm. These profiles match your sexual interests and are also nearby for quicker pick-me-ups.

You immediately get at least 10 contact proposals upon registration. Unlike other dating websites, what’s rather neat about NewHoney is that you get to keep all proposals. No time limit will pressure you to get in touch.

  • My Matches

Click this tab to review all the Contact Proposals NewHoney generated from the time you registered up to the present. 

  • Conversations

These are the messages you send and receive while using the site. The Mailbox is like your trusty text message inbox. 

On the one hand, you get to exchange words easily; on the other hand, you won’t be able to send any multimedia. 

A little bummer, but it seems like you’ll have to rely on your words alone. Your conversations will be stripped of the more creative images, videos, GIFs, and emojis.

  • My Visitors

This feature is quite self-explanatory: it lets you know who viewed your profile out of all the contact proposals you received. 

That way, you can opt to dedicate some time in wooing the members who showed you interest.

  • My Favourites

Although NewHoney works to ensure you get suggested to members who fit the bill, you can still decide who the cream of the crop is and add them here. 

The My Favourites tab not only stores your faves’ profiles; you can also jot down notes about a particular member.

  • My ‘Likes’

Probably one surefire way to score a hot date is to make sure the other party likes you, too. At NewHoney, you get to do just that with My ‘Likes.’ 

In this feature, make your pictures visible so the ladies can let you know they have their eyes on you. Shoot your shot on the lassie who comes up in your My ‘Likes’ list.

We had minor beef with the messages we received. Most of the ladies insisted that we talk outside the website.  Even before we establish any rapport, they asked for our social media handles and personal email addresses. 

Since the website does not offer any verification feature, we found these messages quite suspicious. Divulging details may put our identities and privacy at risk. 

In situations like these, we recommend that you stay cautious. Don't hand out these personal details easily; get to know the person until you can ascertain that they're not, heaven forbid, scammers and identity thefts.

We did think of NewHoney's current messaging feature and concluded that it was quite limited. A voice mail or video chat are better alternatives to plain text messages.

The features to get in touch at NewHoney may not be as grand and creative. The lack of an open search feature may be a turnoff for some. 

Still, the lesser daily matches help you connect and establish rapport with other members. That way, you don’t get overwhelmed as you focus on today’s contacts alone.

Test NewHoney for free

NewHoney Profile Quality

NewHoney Profile
  • Easy to supply and edit information
  • Screen the members who can see your photos
  • Upload photos for free
  • Photos will have to be approved
  • Viewing photos and erotic galleries is a premium feature

    NewHoney profiles may not be as long and detailed, but this gives you enough leverage to get a conversation going. 

    Most of the information on your profile came from the registration process; this is because NewHoney uses this info to generate proposals for you.

    If you want to fine-tune your profile and contact proposals, you can always edit your details. The following forms a member’s profile:

    • Name and NewHoney Contact ID

    Located at the upper left corner of your page is your name and assigned NewHoney contact ID. 

    Since you are encouraged to use a screen name, it’s nice to note that you can modify yours should you want to reinvent your profile.

    • Photo Gallery

    Standard and paying users can upload five photos at NewHoney. For added protection, they can also set who can view their photos. 

    Images will remain blurred until the user permits the viewer. If the member chose not to upload any photo, then their profile will feature a steamy stock photo.

    • My Erotic Type and Erotic Gallery

    Since NewHoney advocates wild and unattached hook-ups, members can define and show their erotic type. The Erotic Gallery showcases five visual representations of the user’s type.

    • Interact Options

    Right below the Erotic Gallery is the interact options a viewer can choose from:

    1. Add to favourites
    2. Show my photos
    3. Report a member
    4. Write a message
    • About Me

    The “About Me” section is located on the right side of a profile. It will display your answers from the registration process along with these additional questions: 

    1. Body art
    2. Education
    3. Profession
    4. Vices (drink, smoke)

    The default answers are “Ask me personally” or “Rather not say.” If you choose to divulge the details from the get-go, edit and select from the categories and pre-composed answers.

    • Personality and Attributes

    This section will display the descriptors you used to define your characteristics. It will also include the three body parts of yours that you love the most. Like the other sections, you can revise these sections anytime.

    • Desired Preferences and Encounters

    The answers you chose on the latter part of the signup process—sexual preferences and what you love in a partner—will be displayed here.

    • My Opinion On

    This section will only appear once you participate in the NewHoney polls. Watch out for the Question of the Day on your conversations; queries will cover your opinions on your bedroom activities and potential partner’s character.

    Gentlemen, listen up. Access to a member's full profile will require you to upgrade to a premium subscription.

    NewHoney App

    NewHoney Mobile View
    • No mobile app available
    • Mobile-friendly website
    • Easy to navigate
    • Desktop features are also available on mobile
    • No ads on the mobile version

    For a dating site that claims to have a 36 million user count, NewHoney does not offer a mobile app. What it has is a mobile-friendly website: a pretty good alternative for people on-the-go.

    On mobile, the website is rather compact. Instead of a list view, photos of your matches and the ones who are online are displayed in a grid. 

    Unlike the desktop version which gives you a seemingly bird's-eye view, you get to appreciate a tab at a time. This makes for a leisurely mobile browsing experience.

    Since NewHoney does not offer that many features, it is nice to note that you can access all desktop functions on your smartphone.

    Users may be delighted to hear that NewHoney does not display ads of any kind. What you’ll be viewing on your mobile screens is the dating website in its full glory.

    Overall, the mobile-friendly website showcases the same features and colour palette as its desktop counterpart. The site is neat and sleek and can be comfortably browsed by registered users of all ages. 

    NewHoney Real Life Review

    “Who can say no to wild and no strings attached sex? Not me! So imagine my delight when I came across NewHoney, the website who promised just that. I signed up and at first, I was confused—don’t you pay before sending messages? But somehow, I can, I love and was not complaining. A few days later, however, the site prompted me to upgrade and I figured it was about time. I had fun messaging with the ladies during the free trial, so I went ahead and signed up for a paid membership. Although I was not able to score a date, yet, I'll keep my fingers crossed.” - Ben, 27

    Design and Usability

    NewHoney sports a sleek and simple design. White is the predominant colour; gold is for notifications and other alerts. A black band bears the main menu which includes the Contacts, Mailbox, Help, Profile Avatar, Matches, Visitors, and Likes buttons.

    Right at the bottom are other tabs set against a gold backdrop. These buttons lead you to view your matches, visitors, favourites, and the members who liked you. If you’re at your profile, you’ll get to see the log out button at the rightmost side of this band.

    At the right side of the page, you’ll see the list of online members. Click any and you’ll automatically be redirected to their profile.

    Navigating the NewHoney website is fairly easy and intuitive. With members aged 25 and above, this simple design is rather good to ensure everyone gets an enjoyable browsing experience.

    NewHoney Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Registration and profile creation
    • Upload and customize settings of five photos
    • Create an Erotic Gallery
    • Read received messages
    • View matches list
    • Check who liked and added profile to favourites
    • Test now for free
    Fee-Based Services
    • See member's complete profile
    • View full-sized photos
    • Review a member's Erotic Gallery
    • Full access to direct messages
    • Unlimited and new contact proposals
    • Add unlimited members to My Favourites

    Is NewHoney expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers NewHoney is in the upper midfield.
    Test now for free

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Premium Start
    figures are based on original Euro prices
    3 Months104.00 NZD / Month312.00 NZD
    Premium Classic
    6 Months86.64 NZD / Month519.84 NZD
    Premium Relax
    12 Months57.12 NZD / Month685.44 NZD
    NewHoney Cost NZ
    Payment Options
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    Payment discretion
    • Billing will appear as "NewHoney" on your credit card statement.

    NewHoney kept it simple with its features: for men, pick out which subscription period works best for you. Choose from the three options:

    • 3-month Premium Start
    • 6-month Premium Classic
    • 12-month Premium Relax

    For your convenience, NewHoney will automatically renew your membership at every end of each term. If you want to cancel it, you'll have to do so a full month before it expires. Otherwise, your account will be renewed. 

    If you want to terminate your membership before the term, you may get in touch with Customer Service for faster action.

    As it is 100% free for females, you might want to try out upgrading. Women may be more enticed to join NewHoney which means you get to fish around a bigger lake.

    *figures are based on original Euro prices

    Special Features

    These NewHoney features are worth mentioning:

    Erotic Gallery

    A picture is worth a thousand words—and NewHoney delivered with its Erotic Gallery. In this feature, members get to describe their erotic type by selecting up to five stock photos. These visuals best represent what kind of sexual adventure they are up for at NewHoney.

    Contact Proposal

    Reports say today’s humans have the shortest attention span: eight seconds which is less than that of a goldfish. With that in mind, it’s rather nice to know that you won’t get as overwhelmed at NewHoney with the daily new matches. 

    Every day you get two to five suggestions, which is manageable enough should you want to get to know each match better.

    Profile and Photo Privacy

    The option to limit access to your profile and photo is a neat feature. That way, not only do you surround yourself with an air of mystery, you also get to protect your identity and privacy.


    Not getting any replies out of your proposals is a real bummer. Now, how will you feel when you don’t receive any promising match while on the premium subscription? That’s why NewHoney offers guaranteed proposals for its paying members. 

    • 3-month membership equals five contact proposals
    • 6-month membership equals 15 contact proposals
    • 12-month membership equals 30 contact proposals

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
    App: 2.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 3.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    From its days as Lisa18 and now as NewHoney, this dating site retained its purpose: wild and unattached sexual encounters. Even after the revamp, however, not everything’s peachy. It does not offer as many features to entice users to linger, and messaging isn’t as exciting and creative. Still, its free-for-women policy and free trial for the males are quite irresistible and generous offers. Sign up and explore your passions at NewHoney now!
    Test NewHoney for free

    NewHoney FAQ


    Is NewHoney a new dating site? It is legit?

    Technically, NewHoney is not a new dating site: it formerly went with the name Lisa18. It retained its current user base while updating its brand and website interface. 

    NewHoney is a legit dating and hookup site ran by Interdate S.A., who is also behind the ever-popular site C-Date.

    As a Lisa18 user, will anything change for me?

    Lisa18 rebranded into NewHoney so, in essence, the two are the same. Users back when it was called Lisa18 need not worry in terms of their registration and subscriptions; NewHoney honors them. 

    What will probably change is the overall look and feel of the website, but the experience and goal remain.

    Free Services

    Can I use NewHoney for free?

    Females can fully enjoy the free-for-women policy of NewHoney. For males, they can register and create a profile for free. 

    They also get to enjoy a few days' worths of auto-premium where they get to try out the entire website. After the free trial, male users will be prompted to upgrade their memberships.

    Can I send messages to NewHoney members for free?

    Female users can send messages for free thanks to NewHoney's policy that gives them a premium subscription after registering. The gents, however, need to subscribe to a paid membership to enjoy this service.


    Why can’t I log in?

    The only reason why you can’t log in is that you mistyped your email address or password or both. NewHoney is case sensitive and they will always follow the stylizations you keyed in upon registration.

    Can all NewHoney members see my photos?

    At NewHoney, you have the option to police who can see your photos. If you want to change the settings, visit your profile, click your photo and check the box to make your photo visible. 

    Why was my photo not approved?

    NewHoney makes sure that the photos you uploaded can be used as a reference. Your photo may be disapproved for any of the reasons below:

    • The photo does not clearly show your face
    • Photo uploaded was that of a child, celebrity, or a group of people
    • The photo was of an inanimate object, landscape, comic, or caricature
    • Photo featured obscenities, explicit sexual content, religious or political tendencies
    • Photo featured pertinent details (i.e. identification cards or certificates)

    How do I permit members who requested to view my photo?

    To allow your NewHoney match to view your photo, you have to visit their profile first. Scroll down to the bottom of their photo and click “Show my photos.”

    How can I change or update my profile?

    To change or update some details on your profile, log in to your NewHoney account and visit your profile page. You’ll see that each section will have an “Edit” button; choose whichever portion you want to update.

    How much information do other members get about me?

    Unlike other dating and hookup sites, NewHoney's policy is to give you the authority to divulge your photo and other details. 

    Contact proposals can only see details on your gender, age, orientation, appearance, searched regions, and sexual preferences.

    Why can’t I change gender?

    It is not possible to change your gender at NewHoney because it may disrupt their matching algorithms. Potential members need to double-check their selected gender upon sign up.

    Where can I view and change my login details?

    If you opt not to receive notifications whenever there is a new email on your NewHoney inbox, you can do so. Visit your page and click the “Edit” link beside “My Profile.” From there, untick the boxes to stop receiving email notifications and newsletters.

    Why did I get a contact proposal from a member who doesn’t live in my area?

    Although you’ll mostly be matched with single or paired up people living near your home, some members prefer the anonymity of meeting and hooking up with people far from their location. Others may also be visitors to your region and wanted to get friendly with the locals.


    How safe is my data?

    NewHoney prides itself on keeping its customer’s data safe and private. Not only do they let the members choose to whom they will divulge info, but they also made sure that payments can only be arranged after switching to a secure internet connection. NewHoney also employs SSL encryption, particularly the 256-bit encryption, for added security.

    Is it risky to accept cookies?

    Accepting cookies won’t pose a security issue. To safeguard its customers, NewHoney will only use cookies to identify real customers who logged in to the dating website.

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