What is the WooPlus app?

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Join New Zealand's favoured plus-sized dating mobile app since 2015, WooPlus, exclusively accessible on mobile devices and not on laptops or desktops.

If anything happened to the WooPlus app, it’s that it has been reinvented and improved to match updates and the technology of the time.

The dating app can still be downloaded free-of-charge from the App Store (for iOS users) and Google Play (for Android users). In terms of compatibility, the WooPlus app functions well in most devices as its developers strive to keep systems up-to-date.

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True, the app gets glitchy and even freezes at times, but developers attribute it to the continuous spike of new members and regular users. Apart from improving user experience by adding new features, the main challenge of the WooPlus app is the constant improvement of its performance and stability especially now that the BBW dating app is gaining popularity.

WooPlus App Features

Just because WooPlus is free-to-download, doesn’t mean you can use all of the app’s features. WooPlus is still a paid service, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most out of your free account. There are some free functions you will be able to enjoy doing.

Free Features
  • Sending messages
  • People search
  • Uploading photos
  • Commenting and Liking photos
  • Adding profile photos
  • Editing profile information
  • Free coins for buying gifts
  • Poking other people
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Premium Features
  • Location search filter
  • Select among most searched and most active people
  • Know if a person read your message
  • Unlimited match proposal
  • Rewind past match proposal
  • Get back to expired matches

Of course, WooPlus premium members get so much more in terms of chances, filters, and boosts. But in all fairness, a free-to-download dating app that lets you message interesting matches even without paying for a premium subscription is already a big plus.

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What makes the WooPlus app special?

Speaking of a big plus, what else makes downloading and signing up at WooPlus worth it?

WooPlus is all for making those online interactions happen offline in an instant, if possible. Aside from the service being accessible anytime and anywhere due to it being an app (you have your smartphone with you most of the time), WooPlus strives to match you according to location. 

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It will yield results that are a few blocks away from you; thus, you can make that offline date actually happen. For premium WooPlus members, you can even filter results with the location search. That way, meeting a fellow WooPlus member for coffee or dinner on the day you matched is possible.

Aside from WooPlus encouraging you to form real-life connections, the app also borrowed some aspects from social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Through WooPlus Moments, you can upload photos with accompanying captions detailing how your day went by and such. Some WooPlus members even use the Moments tab to post uplifting and supportive messages for the plus-sized community.

And yes, what WooPlus banks on is that it is more than a dating app; it is a safe and welcoming community for the curvy and for the people who appreciate them. WooPlus encourages its members to be their true unfiltered selves. In return, the app continues to weed out fake profiles who are only at WooPlus to scam, phish, or bully—all these to ensure that the app remains a safe space.

How can I safely date via the WooPlus app?

Even if the developers behind WooPlus actively seek and suspend bogus accounts, there are still some steps you have to do to date safely.

These three tips, for example; these may seem simple or common sense but it may make or break your online dating experience:

1. Routinely secure your password

Since smartphones are for personal use, we sometimes tend to be lax with our passwords. Make it a habit to nominate secure passwords AND routinely change it. A good password is usually a mix—numbers, letters, characters, upper and lower cases combination are challenging to crack. Updating yours say every quarter is also one smart way to ensure you are securing your account.

If you often leave your phone unattended, maybe it’s for the best if you log out after every session at WooPlus. That way, even if someone were to use your phone, your account is inaccessible and safe from the prying and malicious hands of others.

2. Be mindful of the messages

Hearing stories of adults getting phished is common; admit it, there are times you even shake your head and firmly declare it won’t happen to you. But on online dating sites, you’ll never know.

When chatting with a new WooPlus match, treading with caution is always the best course of action. Don’t freely share identification details such as your real (and full) name, email address, birth date, and the like.

Also, be wary of users who share links and attachments with you. If your match sent you a link from a website that isn’t secured or one you don’t recognise, quiz them first. What is this all about? Weed out as much information as you can about the link before opening it. If they gave you vague “Oh something funny” excuses, think twice. That link may lead you somewhere dangerous making you vulnerable to online attacks.

3. Go all-out online first

WooPlus does advocate meeting offline after the initial online contact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prolong the virtual getting-to-know. Make use of technology! Converse as much as you can via chat. If both of you are comfortable video chatting, try that out. Aside from its the closest thing to having face-to-face interaction (without physically being together), most scammers and phishers baulk at the thought. It’s an efficient way to filter out who’s telling the truth and claiming to be someone they’re not at WooPlus.


The thing about WooPlus is that it has made quite a lot of bold statements. First, choosing to operate mainly as an app is quite a gamble, considering that there are still some members who may prefer using their laptops or desktops.

But its boldest statement may be continuously improving the safe community and dating space it created for curvy singles and their admirers. As a mobile app, WooPlus is accessible. As a dating platform, WooPlus is promising. Can you find your one big love here? You might—but you’ll need to sign up first.

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