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Very Bad
  • Ma***** 57 years

    Nothing to like.Ripoff merchants notified of cancelling membership. They still charged $420 on the renewal date. Despicable.

  • Zaha*** 51 years

    There is choiceThe 1 month price is extremely misleading. It only shows the per week price and even when you pay it didnt show my full amount I paid... . I only got emailed after with full price. I am so disappointed as it's a lot of money for me:( «»

  • I****** 56 years

    Site is a scam , signed up for 3 months, billed for year, will auto renew forever, only way to cancel is by FAX

  • Bob *** 73 years

    I set in my profile that I was looking for matches in a date range 65 - 80, in the Wellington region of New Zealand. That is a small part of the sout... h west lower North Island extending to about 80Km north of Wellington City and a similar distance across to the east coast.I was inundated with suggested matches from all parts of New Zealand, from as far away as Invercargill (750 Km) at the southern tip of South Island and from Northland in the far north of North Island. I emailed the company to complain, and asked them to only show my profile to people within my specified area. They replied that they would not do that, as "some people from those areas may be looking for partners living in Wellington."Of their suggested matches in my search area to whom I wrote, I only had replies from less than a handful. None of those have so far worked out.They also have a feature called 'Love at first sight' which shows a handful of photos each day. By far the majority of those were outside my search area, and many were also outside my age range.I wrote an email to the company to cancel my 6-months subscription more than two weeks prior to my initial term expired, which had my digital signature at the end. They wrote back to say they would not accept my cancellation as it did not have a signature, so they were "unable to prove that I was the person who had taken out the subscription." I pointed out that all my emails to them had contained my digital signature.What they wanted was my handwritten signature, sent by fax or postal service, or as a PDF file. I managed to get that scanned and attached to another email, but they had already renewed my subscription for another term, and had charged $359 to my credit card.I cannot recommend them. «»

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