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SeekingArrangement is an online sugar dating site created by Brandon Wade in 2006. The site is a platform where young men and women can meet Sugar Daddies and Mommies who can provide financial help and mentoring in exchange for companionship and long-term relationships.

SeekingArrangement redefines the idea of a perfect relationship by subverting the traditional way of online dating. SeekingArrangement provides a safe haven where you can mix business with pleasure. You'll be able to find relationships where you can make honest and upfront arrangements that would really suit your needs. If you are successful and want to take care of someone, this site has you covered. If you want to date somebody who can provide for you, SeekingArrangement still has your back. 

Does this site deliver and actually provide you with good and legit matches?  We took a closer look at SeekingArrangement to see if it worth your money or not.

Member Structure

230,000 from New Zealand
Members activity
10,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
65 %
35 %
  • 11 million site visits worldwide per month
  • Sugar babies are mostly university students

SeekingArrangement is a niche dating site that targets specific users. Since it is not a general dating site, some people who stumble upon it accidentally might be put off by its concept. However, it does a great job of offering a safe environment for the kind of relationship and connection that it encourages. Also, it's surprising to see that for a site that has a very specific concept, it has a lot of members worldwide

Signing Up

SeekingArrangement Registration
  • Users fill out a registration form with their personal information
  • It takes around 5-10 minutes to finish the registration process
  • The process is lengthy, but user-friendly
  • Users can choose to sign up for either a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy/Mommy account

Even during the signup process, you get a good idea of the kind of site that SeekingArrangement is. You are asked whether you are looking for a Sugar Daddy or Mommy, or if you are one and you're looking for a Sugar Baby. You are also asked how much you want your Sugar Daddy/Mommy to spend on you, or how much your budget is on your Sugar Baby. While this may seem unsettling to some, at least it prevents people from thinking that this is an ordinary dating site.

Making Contact

SeekingArrangement Search
  • The site provides users with match suggestions
  • You can arrange the search results to show members who are recently online first
  • Search options can be saved for later use
  • You can message other members straight from the search tab or favorite them to show your interest
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • There is a chatroom

SeekingArrangement probably has one of the most extensive search functions among all dating websites. The number of filters and options you can use are just too many to mention, which just shows how much control they give to users in terms of search functions. The feature makes it so much easier for users to find people with compatible interests and intentions.

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Profile Quality

Profile on Seeking Arrangement
  • You can see all pictures from other users for free, as long as those pictures are set to public
  • Users can have a private gallery of pictures and you can only see those if the user gives you permission
  • Profiles can be set to private, and permission must be granted for your to see them
  • There are several fake profiles on the site, especially on the side of the sugar babies
  • Fake profiles can be reported by other site members
  • The profiles are quite detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • Users can set certain parts of the profile private. The same is true for profile pictures - each user has a public gallery, and a private one. To gain access to another user's private profile or picture, they need to give you permission to view it first.

Aside from the information that you give out during the registration process, there are a lot of profile fields and text boxes that users can fill out to make themselves stand out from other users of the website. Although the profile fields are optional and you don't have to fill them out if you don't want to, the site encourages users to do so by giving them profile boosts like increased site coverage if they complete their profile.


SeekingArrangement App Match
  • Features are the same for both desktop and app version
  • It is very easy to navigate and maneuver the app screens
  • The design is simple and clutter-free

Although the app doesn't differ that much from the desktop version, it is still a very good addition to SeekingArrangement's services. The app is well-designed and takes into consideration that the site has older men and women, some of which are in their 50s to 60s. Fonts and images are highly visible, the layout is simple and all important features are accessible through the bottom navigation bar.

Real Life Review

"I didn't think these things existed, so when I stumbled upon SeekingArrangement, I was in very surprised. I learned the term "sugar baby" through a friend and it sounded a bit like prostitution to me at first, but then i suddenly enjoyed the thought of being spoiled by older men and giving them my company in return at my own rules. I soon met Harry (51) through SA, and I was hesitant at first because you grow up hearing stories about "dirty old men" and how they want to take advantage of you. Here I am six months later and quite happy with the situation. Harry is a very attractive man for his age and has the right manners, so i never felt uncomfortable in his presence. He helped me finish my studies in Nursing, which was very expensive. He's very generous but allowing me to grow more open with the arrangement at my own pace, which is still of course one of the romantic kind. I've heard of women with several sugar daddies, but one is enough for me, personally. I don't have a boyfriend of my age, which i sometimes miss but right now i don't wanna miss the perks of being with Harry either." - Female nursing aide from Melbourne (22)

"I am a divorced man, with 3 grownup kids who couldn't wait until they got out of the house and start their own lives. I've spent my years in loneliness until my friend suggested SeekingArrangement. I thought the site would be filled with young women who just want to drain my bank account. Of course, there are women like that on the site, but there are also genuine ones like Patrice (19). She said she felt like an outcast, and feel like she didn't belong with people her age. True enough, her interests included completing crossword puzzles, reading classical literature and listening to musical arrangements from Operas. She never asked anything of me, it was me who kept giving her, and suddenly it felt good to be taking care of someone again. To actually have someone need me, depend on me, and sit down and regale me with tales of how her day went. Suddenly, I don't feel so lonely anymore, and it's been affecting my health in a positive manner. I spent a lot of money on this site already on gifts and premium memberships, but that is money spent wisely." - Male business consultant from Bristol (56)

The website's design is simple and minimalist. Although it may seem boring to some users, keep in mind that the website also caters to sugar daddies and mommies who are older, and therefore may have vision problems, or may not be as tech-savvy as younger members. All important features are easy to access, icons and fonts are visible, and instructions are pretty straightforward.

Seeking Arrangement Costs and Prices

Free Services
Fee based Services
  • Advanced search filters
  • More privacy options
  • Feature profile
  • No Ads
  • Gift wishlist
  • Inbox filters
Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Sugar Baby
1 Month19.99 USD / Month19.99 USD
Sugar Daddy
1 Month89.95 USD / Month89.95 USD
3 Months79.95 USD / Month239.85 USD

Is Seeking Arrangement expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Seeking Arrangement is inexpensive.
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Seeking Arrangement  Sugar Baby Pricing
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Via Mobile Phone
Payment discretion
  • To protect their members' privacy, SeekingArrangement transactions show up as W8TECH or 2BUYSAFE on their credit card statements.

Sugar babies can get a free SeekingArrangement premium membership if they register using their school's email address, meaning it must end with .edu.

The following benefits await premium members:

  • More privacy options - Premium members can browse the site anonymously, appear offline if they wish and hide their join date.
  • Read message receipt - Get a notification when your recipient reads your message
  • Gift wishlist - Create your own gift wishlist so your sugar daddy will know what exactly to give you
  • Inbox filters - You can choose to not receive messages from users who don't meet your criteria
  • No Ads

Special Features

SeekingArrangement has several unique features that make the website a lot more enjoyable, but safer for both Sugar Babies and Sugar Mommies and Daddies.

My Gift Wishlist

Sugar babies can create a registry of gifts that they want to receive from their sugar daddies. Daddies who click on their wishlist will be taken directly to Amazon and other partner sites where they can purchase the gift online for their sugar babies.

Let's Talk Sugar Blog

A SeekingArrangement-owned blog that discusses topics related to sugar dating. It contains helpful tips on how to stay safe while sugar dating, or how to find prospects easily. The blog also advertises any events that SugarArrangement members can attend.

Diamond Memberships for Sugar Daddies and Mommies

Aside from their premium subscription, SeekingArrangement also has a separate VIP membership program for Sugar daddies and mommies called the Diamond Membership. It is automatically offered to any member that has spent a certain amount of money on the site, and has been on the platform for a certain amount of time. Diamond members are verified and veteran Sugar Daddies and Mommies who have proven themselves to be wealthy and generous to their sugar babies.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 4.5 / 5
Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
App: 4.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editors Conclusion

Photo Chris
While the concept may come as a surprise to anybody who hears about it for the first time, sugar dating is a legitimate and legal trend. SeekingArrangement offers a safe platform for older men and women to meet young sugar babies for companionship and long-term relationships. Keep in mind, the site denounces prostitution, but there are always members who break the rules. Sugar daddies and sugar babies alike should still tread carefully if they want to enjoy companionship and financial security safely. If you are someone who wants to try sugar dating or is looking to sugar date, Seeking Arrangement is definitely a must-try. Sign up now and who knows, romance might just be a few clicks away.
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Who owns Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement was created by San Francisco native, Brandon Wade. 

Is it true that Seeking Arrangement is prostitution in secret?

No. Members enter "arrangements" with one another, but it discourages any action that is associated with prostitution. As such, sugar babies are given allowances by their sugar daddies, and are not paid on a "per meeting" basis, as it is reminiscent of prostitution or escort services. Sugar babies are also not allowed to publicly express on their profiles that they are "for sale" or mention anything about payments.

Can you tell me how to contact Seeking Arrangement?

You can email them at

Are there other sites like Seeking Arrangement?

Although the concept of this website is unique, there are a lot of sugar dating websites out there. Browse through our dating websites Casual Dating under the radar category for more choices.

Can you use Seeking Arrangement without paying?

Yes. You can become a member of the site and use its services without paying for a subscription.


How safe is Seeking Arrangement?

Despite its unique concept, SeekingArrangement is just like other dating sites when it comes to safety. Although the site has safety measures like background checks and profile reviews, it is still up to the user to ensure that they stay safe on the website. As a precaution, never disclose important information like financial details or other personal information that can help other users identify you in real life.

How private is Seeking Arrangement?

The site values its users' privacy. For starters, you use usernames instead of first names. Users can also control what information is released to which members. Finally, all financial transactions don't bear the website's name as the merchant for discretion.

Is Seeking Arrangement illegal?

Despite its seemingly shady concept, Seeking Arrangement has successfully kept its services within the arm of the law.

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