Best Gay Dating Sites 2021 in New Zealand

Members 20,000
Gender proportion

0 %
100 %
  • Dating site for gay guys to flirt or find serious love
  • Messaging is a premium feature
  • Has reliable security features
  • "Cute or Not" game available

Members 2,000
Gender proportion

30 %
70 %
  • A dating site for bisexual men and women
  • Claims to have over 1.8 million members worldwide
  • Comes with a free-to-download mobile app for iOS and Android users
  • Offers several communication features
  • Most users are subscribed to a Premium Membership

Members 29,000
Gender proportion

0 %
76 %
24 %
  • A dating site for males and couples interested in hookups and hot dates
  • Fast and easy registration process
  • Comprehensive profile information
  • Viewing profiles and sending messages is for premium members only
  • Has tons of special features

Now that dating someone of the same sex is relatively normal, meeting the perfect man won't take much time, right? Not really sweetie; you see, gay dating is a challenge on its own.

Are you...

  • on the lookout for your next hookup?
  • searching for casual dates?
  • all for finding out your one true love?

But you...

  • have no one particular in mind?
  • are in a brand new place?
  • don’t know where to begin?

Said yes to any of the scenarios above?

You’ve come to the right place. Dating should be fun, and with gay dating sites now available, starting a relationship is easier. Read on and let's help you find a lover.

Where to look for single Gays?

So you feel like you already met every viable gay man the world has to offer. You didn’t click with any of them and now you think this might be it. Single for life.

Never fear—it’s not the resources drying up. Instead, it’s your means of finding them that needs a little updating. To move out of this slump, you’ll have to search far and wide. With dating sites, you can do just that right in the comfort of your home.

You can sign up for dating services that are open to all sexual orientations. Since it boasts a large user base, it’s not impossible to meet someone. All you have to do is adjust the search filters to fit your preference. 

Gay Couple on a Date

Doing that’s fine, but we have another way. Register for a platform that specifically caters to you. On gay dating sites like Grindr, you interact with your people immediately.

Whether on the lookout for casual sex, flirty dates, or commitment, these platforms help you widen your dating pool and get in touch with a global network of gay men.

Who’s on Gay dating sites?

Gay Wedding Party

One of the draws of signing up for gay dating sites is its member base. You’ll feel right at home, surrounded by people who instantly relate with you—experiences, preferences, and all.

On gay dating sites, most users are aged 18 to 44 years old. Some, meanwhile, also cater to gays ageing 45 and up. In terms of location, you can search for gay singles wherever; the United States, New Zealand, Australia, most European countries, and Asian territories. 

As for sexuality, the majority of the users are gay men. Still, a sizable chunk of gay dating sites like PlanetRomeo consists of the bicurious, bisexual men, transmen, and queers. 

Some gay dating sites also opened their doors to lesbians and bisexual women. This is an effort to create a space where the members of the LGBT+ can feel connected and safe.

Challenges of Gay online dating

Several challenges concern gay men in search of steamy encounters or committed relationships on online dating sites.

  • Do I date my age?

Like any other relationship, May-December gay romances aren't as typical.

Singles tend to flock among their age group; as a result, gaps are not as wide between partners.

On online dating sites, however, dismissing distance and age gaps become relatively easy. So easy one may ask, "Should I still stay on my lane?"

There's no definite answer, so why don't you give dating around a try?

Gay Couple Outing
  • How early do you talk the talk? 

When starting a relationship, the elephant in the room is almost always a gay man's HIV status and protection measures. The question now, how soon should you address this concern? 

As gay men proactively take care of their health, most gay dating sites carry the burden for the sake of their members. It's not uncommon for apps and websites to ask you about your status. You may or may not disclose, but at least you're well aware that the singles you're going to meet can be vocal, too.

  • Is hooking up the only activity here?

In case you're living under a rock, here's a little backgrounder on hookup culture. It is when you put committed relationships on a back burner in favor of unattached sexual encounters.

If you're a gay man looking for some long-term connections, you'll find the hookup culture quite bothersome. On gay hookup sites, members have a one-track mind. They're not in it for the small talk because all they want is a good time.

  • Where’s everyone?

It's kind of like high school when you flirted and hooked up with almost everyone. As a minority, it seems like you know everyone and anyone date-worthy.

Fortunately, other gay dating sites like Growlr go beyond your immediate vicinity in search of a match if you wish.

So, how do gay dating sites work?

How do Gay dating sites work?

Signing up for a gay dating site, regardless of its aim, is usually free of charge. Creating and customising your profile page is also free in most sites. 

Some dating platforms may ask you to upload a photo first. This is for verification purposes (to make sure you’re a real human and not a bot) so choose a well-lit picture that prominently features your beautiful face.

Now that you know you can sign up for free, you’ll have to decide which among the plentiful sites will you join. 

Gay Online Dating

It helps if you know what you’re looking for on-site. Are you looking for a hookup? A date? Or are you trying to find the love of your life? Gay dating sites have them all so you’ll need to know your wants because the dynamics of these sites differ. It’s usually better to sign up for a dating site that aligns with your purpose.

If you plan to join hookup sites, knowing your tribe (bears, jocks, and twinks for example) and type will save you some precious swiping time. Also, understand that the members are direct to the point and visual. Do some hunting on your own in a somewhat private place to keep those naughty exchanges to yourself.

Are you seeking for fun dates and the possibility of having a relationship? Gay dating sites are also promising jump-offs. All you have to do is indicate if you’re looking for chats, dates, or a relationship.

Even better, flirting and gay dating doesn’t end when you’re on vacation. Most gay dating sites included built-in functions to allow you to network while you travel. That way, you can get a taste of vacation flings whenever you feel like it.

Meeting someone new is not the only function of gay dating sites; most include HIV/AIDS awareness into the mix. Some sites may ask you about your status while some may add informative blogs and discussion boards on the topic.

Pros and cons of Gay dating sites

Dating someone new requires you to shell out cash. Think about it; you pay for food and amusement whenever you head out.

The same thing goes when you sign up for dating sites. You will also pay for monthly fees or credits. 

So why go for the latter?

First, for the amount you spend on dating sites, you'll network with more gay singles. You interact with a lot more than you'll probably meet in a week's outing.

Although features such as messaging may not be free, once you pay for it, you'll be able to contact more people to your heart's content.

Indeed, gay dating sites may feel a tad unemotional as you interact through a device. But think about what happens when you decided to part ways. It's easier and less awkward than doing it in person. If you're not big on commitment, this arrangement is fitting for you. That way you get to flit around and flirt.

Pros and Cons of Gay Dating

Sometimes, a possible match online naturally fizzles out offline. You may not make it out as lovers, but you'll have fun times and new friends along the way. 

Tips to be successful on Gay dating sites

Doesn't it sting when you don't get as many views or attention on dating sites? We get you, and that's why we will give you some tips to up your dating A-game.

1. Profiles are everything

On dating sites, profiles are everything. Make sure you share enough to ascertain you're a real gay man, but not too much that you become an open book. Be creative and witty but leave them wanting to get to know you. 

One surefire tip is to leave a question on your bio. That way, possible matches are encouraged to message you.

2. Check those photos

Next, take a long hard look at those photos. You should be the highlight so leave just one group photo on and add more solo shots!

It can be a selfie, a candid take, or a beauty shot straight out of a book jacket—the point is, your photos should best represent your personality and attractiveness.

3. Keep your details near and dear

Remember when we told you to be mysterious? Your details should be part of the mystery box. Don't divulge any of it until you're 100% sure you're talking to a genuine connection. 

It's all fun and games until you fall victim to identity thieves and scammers—always date smart.

4. Be you

Dating is even more fun when you are unapologetically you. Embrace your quirks and uniqueness. Talk the way you always do when you meet a potential match. If you click, then you know he's entirely into you—quirks and all.

5. Make memories and have fun

So you're going to meet each other? That's good! No need to go big with expenses, you can enjoy each other's company on your favourite restaurants or coffee shops. Go for fun activities you both wanted to try so you connect with each other better.

6. Keep safe always

So you've been talking and dating him for quite some time and you think something's bound to happen soon. When it happens, always keep safe. Come prepared; he'll understand and appreciate it.

Should I pay for the premium?

Since signing up is free, you can explore the gay dating site to see if it’s for you. If you find it promising, are you paying for it

Like any other dating site, you usually pay for features used to interact with other members. Gay dating sites may also include additional functionalities such as adult movies or live cam shows. 

Charging may either be done monthly (covering 1, 3, 6, or 12 months), pay-per-service, or through credits. 

For monthly packages, you can opt to turn on the auto-renewal function. It keeps your payments up-to-date so you can continuously enjoy the service.

As for the credits system, go ahead and stock up. That way you can purchase functionalities whenever.

Is it worth it?

Gay Family

If you want the whole gay dating site experience—full access to messaging and functionalities—then go and purchase credits or monthly deals.

Aside from accessibility, you’ll also get more attention from other members. Premium members top search rankings and are tagged as popular users. Some other perks include stealth mode and getting more matches a day.

Getting a premium membership may make your gay dating site experience fulfilling. With it, you’ll have fun, fewer restrictions, and a bigger chance of meeting the man of your dreams.


Love wins, no matter the race, status, or gender. But even if we’re ready, the challenge lies in finding the person to love. Now, it doesn’t have to be as hard. With plentiful dating sites for gay singles, it’s a matter of swipes and taps before you meet a date.

Get started with our Gay dating site recommendations!


What is gay dating?

It is dating between two males. They can be gays, bicurious, bisexual men, transmen, or queers. 

What are the most popular gay dating sites today?

We have ranked the most popular gay dating sites today. You can check them out on the table above and compare their features.

Why is gay dating so difficult?

Gay dating can be complicated not only because of the two people involved in the relationship but also because of other people's stereotype and perception. What makes it harder is when the other person is not comfortable with being out and would prefer to keep everything between the two of you only.

Is Hinge a gay dating app?

No, Hinge is not an exclusive gay dating app. It is a site for straight males and females looking for a long-lasting relationship—however, there are many Gay dating sites and app that you can try.

Is OkCupid a gay dating site?

OkCupid is not also an exclusive dating site for gays. However, people from all genders and sexual preferences are welcome to join and meet like-minded individuals there too.

Is Tinder a gay dating site?

Not exclusively. Tinder offers its services to all regardless of their gender and sexual preferences. If you would like to find exclusive gay dating sites, you may check out the comparison table above.

How to make a good gay dating profile?

Make sure that you upload at least one good profile picture and share just enough interesting information about yourself to make your profile attractive. Don't lie to your profile because this might backfire in one way or another.

Are gay dating sites safe?

Just like any other dating site and app, gay dating will always have a risk, so it is highly encouraged to be extra vigilant when using it.

How do gay dating sites work?

To make gay dating work, you have to know first your intention- if you are looking for just hookups or long-term relationships. Then you can use dating sites or apps to find like-minded individuals. You can choose from the wide options of dating sites that will match your taste and goal.

Does eHarmony offer gay dating?

Not exclusively. But eHarmony is open to members who are members of the LGBTQ community. You can adjust your settings for your preferences on most sites.

Is there a free gay dating site?

Most gay dating sites offer free registration. However, the use of special features, messaging, or sometimes profile viewing is only for premium members.

How to be successful in gay dating?

To be successful in gay dating, you have to be open-minded. You should avoid expecting that not everything will go as you want it to be.

Is gay dating same as LGBT dating?

Gay dating is a subcategory for LGBT Dating. It means that all Gay Dating is LGBT dating, but not all LGBT dating is Gay dating.

Is Gay dating premium membership worth it?

In general, premium membership gives you access to more features. So if you are serious in finding someone, paying for premium membership is encouraged.

Is there a disadvantage in joining Gay dating sites?

It depends on the situation. Joining dating sites has it's pros and cons, and being a responsible user will help.