The Best Sexting Tips and Examples for Women

In the dating world, sexting stands out as a persistent trend. It's the process of sending sexually explicit texts, photos, or videos through digital means. The term itself is a portmanteau of 'sex' and 'texting'. The ease of access to smartphones and the internet has made sexting a common practice among younger individuals who are comfortable with technology. For them, it's a tool for exploring or initiating sexual relationships.

In this article, we'll be sharing tips on how to sext effectively and safely. Stick around to become skilled in the art of sexting.

The 5 Types of Sexts with Examples

Sexts can be categorised into many types. Here are the five main types of sexts and their examples:


Teasing sexts is the beginning of a good sexting session. If you're a member of hookup sites like AdultFriendFinder or adult casual dating sites like BeNaughty, these messages will either start a steamy conversation or decide if you need to deal with your excitement alone. It ultimately depends on your partner’s mood whether he will engage with your teasing sexts – if he does, then let the fun begin. If he’s not, it may be better to cool down by yourself (if you know what I mean).

“It’s too bad you aren’t here right now…”

“I’m touching myself right now and thinking about you.”

“I’m so wet right now.”

Sexting fantasy


What’s great about sexting is you can live your deepest, darkest fantasies without really having to do it if it makes you uncomfortable in real life. So, if you have things you like to fantasise about, that can be a great sext.

“I’m picturing you and me with another person.”

“I like thinking about you tying me up in bed.”

“I see you in the shower with another girl.”


Requests in sexting don’t have to mean that your partner literally needs to give in or do what you ask. Requests can be part of the role play too – it encourages control and dominance over your partner, and that can be hot in sexting.

“I want to watch you touch yourself.”

“I need you inside of me right now.”

“Put it in my mouth.”


Looking back to memories with him in your bed can coax feelings of nostalgia and longing. These feelings can intensify your sexting session as you are also drawing on emotional energy, not just sexual. Using past memories in your sexts can also deepen romance in sexting.

“I can’t get last night out of my mind.”

“I want you to do exactly what you did last time we…”

“I miss feeling you inside of me”


There’s nothing that would make your man turned on other than complimenting him and making him feel like he’s the sexiest man on earth. Compliments will fire him up inside, and you’ll thank yourself for saying them later on.

“I love staring at your…”

“I get so turned on whenever you…”

“You make me so wet.”

8 Sexting Tips for Women

Sexting can be so much fun – yet it can also quickly go sideways. Imagine if you and your partner are getting it on, then you suddenly say the wrong thing… you’ll only be left with embarrassment. 

With that, here are eight sexting tips to ensure that you’d have the best time sexting with your man:

1. Perfect the Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to sexting. You wouldn’t want to send a text message that will make your man’s eyes pop out during an important meeting with his boss. Moreover, if you suddenly send an NSFW photo through an instant messaging app, which your partner is accessing through his desktop computer – people from the office might accidentally see it! *eep* Say bye to your privacy!

If you’re not sure what your partner is doing, it would be best to know first what she’s currently up to. You can simply ask him if he’s busy (and alone) to see if it’s a good time to send an NSFW text and/or photo.

2. Build up the tension

Similar to foreplay in sex, sexting also needs a warm-up. When you engage in actual sex, you wouldn't want him to finish immediately right? You'd have to make out and touch each other first in order for both to reach satisfaction.

And so, don’t dive into your kinky fantasies outright – build the tension up. It’s best to ease into your sext dialogue and gradually build from there. This way, both of you will have an exceptional time with your sexting session.

3. Stick to the role you’re playing

Remember that when you sext, you are playing a role. Sexting is playful – and you need to be playful until the end. Your messages, photos, and/or videos can make or break your sexting session. Be sure to stick to the role of getting into something freaky with your partner until you both reach the point of satisfaction.

There are no limits to sexting – you can make it as intense as you want as long as both you and your partner are comfortable. Because you're using your imagination to make sexting worthwhile, you can dive deep into your fantasies and play it out through sexts. 

Another note, remember to only sext with your partner or a man you trust. You wouldn't want your explicit photos spread out in the internet, would you?

right visuals

4. Send the right visuals

How provocative can you get with the photos you send is ultimately up to you. However, be sure that you’re sending the right visuals at the right time. Don’t send a picture of your privates at the first few message exchanges. Instead, you can tease your man by experimenting with taking photos of other areas of your body then gradually sending more sexually explicit content.

5. Draw from your fantasies and personal experiences

You can get inspiration from past experiences you already had with your current partner (or any sex encounters you had before) – and reference it on your sexts. You may also draw from your deepest kinky fantasies – describing in detail what you want to happen that will keep him on his toes.

6. Master the art of dirty talk

Sexting is basically dirty talk in the form of text messages. Mastering the art of dirty talk through texts helps paint a visual of the fantasy you’re having with your partner who’s currently not in bed with you. Using your imagination and describing what you see through a message is an important aspect of a successful sext session. Tell your man what you want to do with him – give instructions, and describe how your body is reacting to what he’s sending back. 

7. Don’t get too technical

The words you use in your sexts are very important. Let loose – use slang words such as “pussy” instead of vagina, so it will sound good in his head when he’s reading your text. You would want to keep the conversation to be more fluid. You wouldn’t want him to reply after a couple of minutes because he had to look into the dictionary to find the meaning of some of the words you use.

8. Be comfortable and have fun

Sexting is not a bad thing. It’s normal, especially if you and your partner don’t live under the same roof yet. Sexting is also important in long-distance relationships to keep the sexual connection alive. So, don’t listen to the naysayers who say that sexting is bad, and you will get punished in hell for it. Be comfortable and just have fun with it!

The Problem with Sexting and How to Sext Safely

Of course, we can’t deny that there is also a problem with sexting, especially for teens. An uncensored photo can quickly become viral in the internet space. With today’s accessibility to the internet, even underage teens can conveniently share nude photos online without knowing the possible consequences. 

We recommend that you should be of age AND only send sexts to men you trust. It would be best if you only sext with your partner, to be honest – especially if you’re going to show your face. 

fun sexting

Final Words

Sexting is fun, but you should only do it with your partner or with people you trust. Sexts, especially visual content, can quickly become viral and can cause harassment and humiliation. Therefore, as much as sexts are thrilling and exciting, best to still keep it low-key.

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